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How to ensure your business leads are top quality

In this video, I’ll be helping you ensure your business leads are top quality.
A good-quality business lead has an interest in your brand and a genuine need for your product.
These are the leads you want to generate, as they are more likely to become a client.
A low-quality lead is usually fueled with questions due to a lack of product appropriacy and understanding.
Now, let’s discover how to ensure top quality leads every time.

First, establish what “high-quality” means to you

Marketing and sales need to align and run though qualifying information.
What questions do sales teams ask leads to properly qualify leads?
And, how can marketing ensure the prospects they target match these criteria?
This could mean leads must be from a specific industry or sell to specific buyers.
Or, the criteria can delve even deeper.
For example, specifying job title or seniority, location, business turn-over.
Whatever values your teams agree are vital to become a client, these are also vital to be a high-quality lead.
Once the criteria are laid out, marketing can use it to fuel targeted communications and campaigns.
Take into consideration the quality of the prospect’s response, too!

Next, it’s time to return to your keywords

If you’re generating leads but not making sales, you may need to review your chosen keywords.
And, re-evaluate how well they align with your product.
This is a great time to make use of negative keywords too.
When users search for your negative keywords, your ads will not be shown.
This will help refine the leads discovering your website and filter out high-quality ones.
Go the extra mile to ensure the audience you attract matches the criteria laid out by your sales team.

Now, use data to drive campaigns!

Data really can evolve the way you generate business leads.
Cleansing your data of leads that don’t fit your criteria instantly helps refine your audience.
This is a perfect example of quality over quantity!
Accurate data means you have the best chance of gaining great results and a return on the investment.
Whether you gather data or buy it in, make your lead criteria clear.
This way, you’ll continue to populate campaigns with a relevant audience and won’t risk losing leads further down the line.

It’s time to Introduce a lead scoring model

This measures how engaged a prospect is with your brand and product.
It will help you decide when they properly qualify as a lead that is ready to be contacted by your sales team.
This helps businesses close 30% more leads as sales. And, it increases revenue by 18%.
Lead scoring is usually calculated based on previous behavior along with data they’ve provided.
A lead may start with a low score if they are not going to bring you new business.
But those who have provided data indicating they are a decision maker for a target business may start with a high score.
Future behavior, like email opens and click throughs, for example, will increase the score.
You then need to decide when they can be counted as a sales-ready lead.
It is up to marketers and sales to find a model that works best for the business.

Then, properly nurturing your leads is crucial

A huge factor that jeopardizes lead quality is miscommunication of products and benefits.
Nurture can take many different forms and affects prospects and leads alike.
Build relationships, provide information and earn their trust.
Properly nurtured leads go on to spend 47% more on your product.
So, it’s a process we should all take very seriously!
The key to nurture is information.
Make sure your landing page outlines your product and its benefits without being misleading.
Skimping on vital information hurts your lead quality and ROI later!
Match every call-to-action with an equal amount of nurture to ensure leads generated are high-quality and well informed.
A great way to properly nurture leads is to understand what they need from you and how they respond to your brand.

Lead Forensics can help.

The software offers website visitor identification and advanced web analytics.
It shows you who has visited your website and gives you access to decision-maker’s contact details.
This enables users to take control of website conversion.
With a full breakdown of each visit also provided, you can easily understand the pages and information your leads crave.
And, in turn, gain an understanding of your audience for progressive nurture.
I hope you found this video helpful.
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