What are the challenges to marketing ROI?

What are the challenges to marketing ROI?

A recent study on ROI found that 20% of B2B marketing departments don’t track their return on investment. To many of us, this seems peculiar; without knowing what ROI you achieved across your marketing ventures how can you be sure your future investments will benefit your marketing? This is true, but measuring the success of marketing […]

New financial year – what should you be investing in?

Though the new financial year often leads to a rush of signing off outstanding documents, it also brings a world of opportunities as new budgets come into play. This can be very exciting for B2B marketers, but the pressure remains to ensure budget is spent wisely, on solutions that will enhance and benefit your department […]

Lead Generation

Why you should consider lead generation companies

Lead generation is what all marketers aim to accomplish; we reach out to an audience, offering them an opportunity and want them to grab hold of it. When this happens we pat ourselves on the back and call our new, interested, possible future client a “lead”. These leads are then passed on to sales who work […]

Multi Channel Marketing

The benefits of using a multi-channel marketing strategy

95% of marketers already know the importance of a multi-channel approach, but only 14% of organizations believe they’ve successfully implemented one.   Multi-channel makes sense. The more you do to actively boost your marketing the better; I think it’s safe to say that no company is likely to ever get the business they need by […]


ROI: Best practices

Return on Investment is at the heart of every B2B marketer; any new venture undertaken has ROI as its key driver and ultimate judge in the measuring of its success. This month, we’re keen to focus on that important ROI, and how we as marketers encounter it and use it to further our methods. It’s […]

Lead generation strategies for the modern B2B marketer

Lead generation is what all B2B marketers are striving for. The more leads we can generate, the more our sales teams can work into customers, providing revenue and business growth. 72% of B2B marketers see lead generation as a primary focus for 2018. However, as technology advances, so do the attitudes and needs of our prospects […]

The 5 best ways to measure your marketing ROI

20% of B2B companies don’t measure their marketing ROI. Why not? Surely knowing whether or not you’re gaining a return on the investment you’ve made is key to planning future investments with confidence? In many cases, companies are not 100% on methods of measuring ROI, as it’s not a definitively tangible value. But a lack […]


How to use LinkedIn as an outbound lead generation tool

We’ve already given you some pointers on how to use LinkedIn as an effective lead generation tool, plus put together this handy cheat sheet designed to help marketers get the most out of the platform on a daily basis. Now, we’re going to delve a little deeper. Specifically, we’re going to focus on the area of outbound lead generation and […]

Introverts, extroverts and ambiverts- who sells most?

Refining a sales team is always a huge challenge. To some people, working a conversation into a business interest and onto a closed deal comes naturally, and some work very hard to be good at it. It is common belief that a specific personality is needed to work in sales, and it’s fair to say that […]


Procrastination on the sales floor: How to overcome it

We all do it. 95% of the population spends part of their working day procrastinating. Piers Steel states that the average person spends 2 hours a day procrastinating. Of course some people do it more in the workplace than others – and this is where the effect on sales can occur. B2B sales reps already have a round of tasks […]