Life After Third Party Cookies: Where do we go from here?

  With rapidly evolving regulatory restrictions, Google announced in early 2020 that they will stop the use of third-party cookies in Chrome, joining a growing list of browsers including Safari and Firefox who have already phased out third-party cookies.    In a report by Google, they stated that “users are demanding greater privacy — including […]

Life after third-party cookies: where do we go from here?

  Around 80% of marketeers depend on third-party cookie data and 70% believe that the depreciation of third-party cookies will result in a downward shift for marketing technology, according to a recent study by Epsilon. Before we know it, B2B marketeers will no longer be able to rely on cookie-fuelled campaigns. So, where do we […]

B2B Sales: Maximizing your sales productivity

B2B Sales: Maximizing your sales productivity Most sales representatives can spend the equivalent of 50 full days away from selling activities in a year. What does this mean for your business? Every organization wants to keep its sales pipeline full and engaged. With a consistent push for more effective sales processes, maximizing sales ROI has […]