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3 steps to bringing your email marketing back to life

Email marketing has been getting a bad rep recently, with rumours circulating the marketing sphere that it’s not just dying – but dead. But hard metrics are fighting back, to prove email marketing is not just surviving, but alive and kicking. Here’s some pretty convincing stats that say so:


  1. Email has nearly 3 times as many user accounts as Facebook and Twitter combined! Apparently that’s a massive 2.9 billion.
  2. 49% of email is now opened on a mobile device – and we can’t keep away with 49% of us reading emails immediately when we wake up
  3. 77.5% of us prefer to be contacted for business by email

Email Marketers rejoice – our favourite channel is here to stay, providing you’re ready to take it to the next level. Many B2B Marketers will still be using a one size fits all technique, and it could be said are responsible for the negative press. Scarily, 78% of email received is spam, so we’ve got a battle on our hands to win the attention of our all important prospects.

Step 1: Segmentation


Although segmentation is considered one of the easiest ways to ensure you’re getting the right message across to the right people, it’s also most overlooked. Prospects want to read what is relevant to them, so even if you only sell one product, that doesn’t mean you can’t slice and dice your databases.

Basic segmentation on industry or function is sure to increase click throughs and open rates, but why stop there? Identifying their individual needs is key to driving engagement and response rates. Build buyer personas to really get in the mindset of your prospects – when are different departments most likely to need your product? What are their specific pain points and what are their personal career goals likely to be? You should treat your prospects like your friends – once you really get to know them, you’ll understand what makes each of them tick.

Step 2: Personalisation


No, we’re not just talking about merge fields. Prospects are becoming more expectant of us marketers to know exactly what is of interest to them based on their previous behaviour. Treating them as not just a target audience, but an individual is key to catching them at the right point in the buying cycle.

Consider triggered communications based on their previous behaviour (providing your data is of high quality) and you’ll make them feel like you really care. Think time sensitive offers on the products they were looking at, or tip sheets on making the most of your service.

Tip: Using Lead Forensics software can enrich this process by identifying what elements of your website your prospects are currently engaging with, before they’ve even made contact at all. This gives you the opportunity to personalise your email content to enrich their experience further.

Step 3: A/B Testing


A/B testing, also known as split testing, is a valuable and economic way of testing what elements of your email campaign work and what can be improved.

A unique example of successful A/B testing is the Obama presidential campaign emails. Through testing subject line, template design and personalisation the team behind the campaign were able generate an additional $2.2 million. We’re impressed team Obama!

Without testing and testing again, you could be missing out on a whole market of opportunities. And why stop at opens and clicks? Make sure you measure the whole prospect journey, including how they engaged on your website and what content they are interested in.

Using Lead Forensics to increase email performance


Lead Forensics can enrich your B2B email marketing activity by identifying who has visited your website in response to a certain email campaign, and what they then went to view on your website. Plus, Lead Forensics’ online portal provides a wide range of reports that allows you to measure traffic and identify your website visitors from each marketing channel.

For more information on how the Lead Forensics website intelligence tool can help you, check out what we do. 


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