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3 tips to supercharge your telemarketing

Us B2B types can’t deny telemarketing is one of the most successful channels for lead generation– in a recent survey, 31% of marketers even cited it as their most effective channel.

We’re even planning to spend extra budget on it this year – with the IDM B2B Barometer reporting a planned 6% increase in telemarketing budget for the next 12 months.

So don’t hang up the phone just yet – telemarketing is definitely here to stay. Follow these 3 tips to supercharge your campaigns and drive those hot leads.

Get personal

When 70% of B2B buyers rated how vendors engaged with them as being more impactful than what they’re selling – it’s time to really get personal with your approach, including your qualifying questions.

Before you even jump into your sales pitch, make sure you understand what challenges your prospect is facing and if a need exists for your product. The easiest way to do this? Just ask.

Don’t push your luck

With the changing role of B2B sales in the digital age, B2B buyers are becoming increasingly expectant of us to understand their business challenges and needs.

And when it takes an average of 80 calls to develop a new opportunity, you need to make sure you’re adding value to your prospects every time you speak.

Don’t just push them for a yes/no answer – a maybe is always better than a no. Discuss their hesitations, business and personal goals, and use relevant industry content to showcase why your product will benefit them.

Think about sharing video testimonials or case studies of successful clients in the same (or similar) industry. And leave enough time for them to digest that information – remember they don’t know your product like you do.

Create impact that lasts

Supercharging your telemarketing campaign is all about thinking outside the box (or phone, if you will). Look at how you can tie your campaigns in with your other marketing activity and put a voice to your digitally generated prospects.

When you’re appointment setting for the next call – does it really have to be another conversation on the phone? Why don’t you invite your prospect to an exclusive webinar, or set up a new google hangout, or even drop by for a coffee. You can discuss your proposition and provide product insight to a group rather than a single prospect, and get real insight back from them too.

We all know the rising success of B2B video marketing, so why not follow up by sending them a ‘What next?’ video. Get creative with your telemarketing campaigns and break your channels out of the silos at the same time.

Lead Forensics is the proven solution that will reduce time spent cold-calling and increase sales lead conversions. So why not give us a try? Sign up for your free demo and trial by calling 0207 206 7293 or filling out this quick form.

Expert Tips

Lead Forensics Tip: By understanding who your prospects are and what they’re researching on your website, you’ll have the insight needed to guide an informative and constructive telemarketing call – and ask all the right questions.

Lead Forensics Tip: Use Lead Forensics visitor tracking to show you when to make those follow up calls. Set up alerts that let you know when a particular business has re-visited your website – it will give you that clue that they’re ready to re-engage with you.

Market Makers Tip: Over the last 10 years, we’ve learnt that regardless of industry, product, solution or level of decision maker a human element within any given marketing strategy helps to deliver results.


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