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3 Warning Signs Your Online Campaigns Are Failing, and how to fix them…fast!

There’s nothing more exciting to a B2B marketer than getting the chance (and the budget) to test new digital channels. You set up your campaign, carefully consider your targeting options, place your bids and off you go.

You monitor your activity and after a few days find you’ve gone WAY over budget…and delivered, well, nothing. Lead generation Ka-put. Cr*p.

How are you going to explain this one in your marketing meeting?

Investing in any new channel is always going to contain risks. If you aren’t accurately forecasting and tracking performance throughout the campaign funnel, you won’t pick up the early warning signs when a campaign is about to fail.

Avoid damaging your digital marketing ROI by understanding the three key warning signs of a failing online campaign…

Warning Sign 1: No Impressions…and leftover budget (surely a good thing?)

So you’re bids and budget are all set but you’re campaigns aren’t being served enough to drive the impressions needed. So what’s going wrong?

Too Targeted?

Online campaigns are all about amplification and reach to the right audience, but there is such a thing as too many targeting filters. When Facebook alone has over 1.39 BILLION active users, if you want a piece of that targeted pie, it’s all about choosing the right one.

FIX: The best campaign targeting is highly specific, but not too niche. Use your current customer data to identify common demographics (age ranges, locations, job titles) to apply to your targeting to make it highly specific, without limiting your reach. Remember, you’re paying for campaign clicks so make sure they’re the most likely to convert to sale.

Warning Sign 2: LOADS of impressions…but no clicks

If you’re campaigns aren’t driving clicks, then it’s time to re-look at your targeting options (again), or your campaign’s messaging.


As we mentioned in the warning above, there’s a delicate balance when it comes to targeting. Too few targeting filters and you end up paying excessively for clicks that don’t convert, and a campaign ROI that shoots dangerously high. Too many filters and your ad activity isn’t served enough. You end up with a mountain of impressions, no lead generation and no campaign ROI at all.

Campaign Messaging

If you’re campaign messaging isn’t relevant to your target audience, they won’t click, won’t convert and your campaign won’t see that positive ROI.

Only 4% of B2B buyers looking for information about a product or service will actively search social media channels, but over 38% of B2B buyers actively researching new products will turn to good ‘ole search engines first. Message your campaign in the right way, on the right channel, and you’re well on your way to driving those clicks and seeing lead generation success.

FIX: A/B test your campaign message according to digital channel usage throughout the buying process. Getting your message right for each channel will better qualify your visits, increase engagement and subsequently, boost conversion rates throughout the funnel.

Warning Sign 3: You’re getting the clicks, but no one is converting

So you’ve got those impressions and driven those clicks but your conversion rates are still on the floor. You’re driving traffic to a dedicated landing page, and paying the price (literally). So what can you do to fix this fast and rescue your ROI?

A/B Testing

As with any other lead generation channel, conversion rate optimisation on your online campaign’s landing pages is essential if you want to grow that conversion and ultimately your ROI.

FIX: Use the in-depth campaign analytics offered by self-serve online channels to split-test multiple landing pages at once, monitor their performance and identify best performing pages. Keep split testing small variations in your landing pages (such as title changes or CTA buttons) until you start to see those conversion rates increase.

Whether you’re testing social media or paid search campaigns, success is a delicate balance of accurate targeting, relevant messaging and continued conversion rate optimisation. By understanding the warning signs of a failing online marketing campaign, you’ll be well prepared to fix a leaky funnel, rescue your ROI and reach lead generation success.


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