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4 crucial tools for effective content marketing

“Content marketing is a commitment, not a campaign.” — John Buscall, Chief Owner, Buscall Media 


By now, all successful B2B marketers will know the true value of content marketing and why it’s so important to their business. But, creating content takes up significant time, budget and resources. While the creation and distribution of content is crucial and should be included as part of a wider marketing strategy, content curation is also a helpful approach to consider. So, what exactly is the difference? Well, think of it like this. When a musician creates a piece of music, they’ve built it from scratch, and put their time, effort, and resources into doing just that. In contrast, a DJ is a curator — selecting to share the piece and potentially add value through the way they share it. Got it? Great! In both cases, the content needs to be managed and measured accordingly for the best results. That’s where B2B marketing technology comes in.


Key benefits of using content technology

No matter who you are or what you do, there is a desire for you to be sharing, creating and distributing relevant and engaging messages online. But, why use technology for B2B success?


  • The ability to personalize

 Let’s face it — the demand for personalization has grown too important to be ignored. In fact, according to Epsilon Marketing, 80% of consumers are more likely to do business with a company that offers personalized experiences. Your content plays a key part in offering bespoke, highly-personalized experiences, and the right tools make this possible.


  • Increase output and develop consistency

To make an impact, your content strategy needs to be ongoing. This means putting consistency at the center of your plan and creating, curating and sharing regularly. Reliable B2B technology speeds up processes, eliminates human error and, ultimately, helps keep the distribution of all kinds of content ticking along.


  • Serve the right content at the right time

Timing is everything. And, that applies to your content marketing strategy. With effective content technology in place, you can be sure that the right people are seeing the right content at just the right time — whether this be based on their interests or behaviors. Supercharge your lead nurturing approach, and get there before your competitors do.


  • Position yourself as an expect

Content curation is all about adding value to pre-existing content, so use the right tools to help position yourself as a leader in front of the audience that matters the most to your business. Build your brand, increase your online presence, comment on trending topics and maximize your strategy.


The top 4 content tools for B2B organizations



Feedly enables teams to organize trusted and reliable sources all in one place —  from publications and bloggers to video channels. This way, you can filter out the noise and share valuable industry insight. Stay in-the-know, use automation to gather knowledge, and fuel your content strategy.



Struggling to get your content to say what you need to say? Not everyone has a natural way with words, and it can be easy to get things wrong. That’s where digital writing tool Grammarly can help you. Using artificial intelligence, it makes online writing clearer and more effective.



The majority of your content is either hosted on or leads back to your website. So, making the most of the digital hub of your business is crucial. Squarespace is an easy-to-use website building and hosting software that offers pre-made templates and high-quality features. Remember the importance of user experience, appearance and relevance.


Lead Forensics

Lead Forensics provides users with real-time notifications when a visitor lands on their website, enabling them to get in touch at the right moment. And, it shows them which of their website pages visitors are engaged with, helping them make the right decisions surrounding the content they produce and send — depending on the visitor’s stage in the buyer journey.


Measuring success

The way you track results is entirely dependent on your organization. But, ensuring you establish your plan from the outset is key. What is your current content like and how is it performing? Are your website visitors reading your content or exiting fast? Are they engaging with your social posts? Set relevant metrics and prepare for some experimentation as you go.


Lead Forensics is an innovative B2B reverse IP tracking software that turns websites into high-quality lead generation tools. Utilizing a global leading database of business IP addresses, it tracks your website and reveals the identity of your previously anonymous website visitors. Users are notified of the business visiting their website in real-time, as well as being provided with the contact details of key decision-makers and detailed visitor journeys. With Lead Forensics, users have everything they need to conduct the perfect, personalized sales pitch and lead nurturing process — enabling them to reach out to the right person at the right time. Take your content marketing and distribution strategy to the next level, maximize your website and discover a bounty of new leads. Book your free Lead Forensics demonstration here!


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