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45 of the best B2B lead generation tips EVER

For B2B organizations the world over, there is one thing they strive for, dream of, and just cannot live without – and that’s sales. To hit those all-important numbers, teams need to be working like a well-oiled machine at every stage of the sales process, from providing the strongest content to nurturing leads effectively and having the perfect timing needed to strike and seal the deal.

But any sales funnel is only as strong as the leads that flow through it, as every product needs a buyer – just as every salesperson needs someone to sell to. So if you’re wondering how to get those high-quality leads (and more of them) then you’re in luck. Here we have pulled together 45 of the hottest, most effective lead generation tips of all time!


From ideas for maximising the impact of your content to clever upgrades for your website and ways to effectively streamline your processes, it’s time to boost your lead generation success.


1. Create evergreen content, i.e. content that will always be relevant to your target audience, rather than content on topics that may change over time, go out of date or become irrelevant


2. Turn your presentations into SlideShares. It’s a great way to make the maximum use of every piece of content you are creating and will provide you with even more valuable and targeted content you can use to target leads


3. Combine your event marketing with online lead generation. Look for every opportunity to maximise all opportunities before, during and after an event


4. Become a speaker at other people’s events. It’s a great way to get in front of an audience, position yourself as an expert, and to showcase your knowledge. It will also give you a great hook for content and social media posts


5. Consider forming some strategic partnerships to create and/or amplify your content and its reach. This is a great way to tap into ready-made audiences


6. Develop a network and relationships with key influencers, long before you may actually need them. Any relationship should be a two-way street – don’t just take what you can. Share, comment and be genuine, interested and helpful


7. Look at other websites with a critical eye. Get ideas and see what it is that you like, or don’t like about them


8. Consider doing a piece of direct mail combined with an online offer, as that can give you extra traction


9. Don’t put people off by being too eager and asking far too much on your website forms, especially if it’s their first visit to your site. That includes asking for a phone number or making all fields compulsory. You need to build up your relationship gradually by asking a little more each time they interact with you


10. If you’re not already on there, then start using LinkedIn! Check out the Help section for some great free webinars and tutorials


11. Get the most impact from all the content you’re producing by repackaging it whenever appropriate


12. Consider offering some co-branded content


13. Free trials and demos are great bottom-of-the-funnel offers. Make sure you’re offering them to the right people at the right stage in the sales process


14. Have a consistent marketing plan. Do everything for a reason and know how it all fits together and with helping you achieve the overall company goals. Avoid just lurching from the latest thing to the latest thing


15. Automate as much as your budget will allow


16. Be incredibly focused on your content and tailor it based on your individual buyer journey. Make sure it’s always the right content, delivered at the right time, in the right way, to the right person


17. Be clear on what the next step is and always have one. Spell out what you want a lead to do next, for example, if they’re reading a piece of content offering them advice on a topic then suggest they may like to download a handy checklist you’ve prepared


18. Be willing to try something you’ve never tried before as the results may surprise you


19. Return to your sales funnel and fine-tune it with online lead generation in mind


20. Consistently blog


21. Optimise your ‘About us’ website page


22. Turn your best content into a downloadable, gated pdf to generate even more leads from it


23. Limit the choices on your website


24. Experiment with video, both hi-end professional and low-end on the spot


25. Remember the buyer journey is not a linear process, so ensure you’re giving prospects multiple opportunities and ways to be able to contact you


26. Pay to amplify your top of funnel content with targeted ads


27. Find and nurture your brand fans and ambassadors. They may never buy from you but their use in spreading the word about you can be very valuable


28. Remember social media is a tool, not a strategy. Set realistic goals and make sure you’re using these types of platforms in the right way


29. View your offers through the eyes of website visitors and not from your point of view


30. What happens with a lead once they have converted on your website? Have a clear process set up and make sure you are following up and keeping in contact


31. Become a master of analytics. Look at the numbers often and see if you can spot gaps or patterns. Think about what you can learn from. Know what’s working and what’s not, and work out why that may be, then revise, retest and analyze again


32. Have sales, marketing and customer services teams working together to agree on an overall strategy that will drive interest and generate the right type of leads. Make use of each team’s individual insights and unique perspective


33. The golden rule with content is that it’s not about quantity, it’s about quality


34. Every month revisit your strategy and change it if need be


35. Don’t use bait and switch tactics. Stay on message with every download


36. Have a customer-centric website that is designed for prospects and their needs, with the information they will want, presented in the way they will want it. Test what’s it’s like to navigate your site regularly, looking at it through the eyes of a potential customer


37. Make sure your content has value and is so good that people want to share it with their friends and network


38. Be very clear on the value proposition of not only your services but also each of your pieces of content


39. Have a human voice. Don’t wind people up by using jargon or corporate talk and remember social media is about being social, so have personality and don’t be a robot


40. Keep testing your landing pages and know which of your web pages are working and which aren’t. Try to spot any gaps and do more of what’s effective.


41. Include your client’s voice everywhere you can


42. Know what terms people are using that not only help them find you but also when they are searching on your website. Make sure you are offering the answer


43. You cannot give away too much information. Sell your knowledge: applied information.


44. Develop detailed buyer personas and regularly check they are up-to-date and that all team members are across them


45. Know what your potential clients are searching for and make sure you’re being found.


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