5 features only the best website visitor tracking software can offer

5 features offered by only the best website visitor tracking software

Who is coming to your website, which content are they devouring and how did they find you in the first place?

It’s the dream of any marketer to access this data, and with website visitor tracking software, it’s possible.


Website visitor tracking software reveals the identity of your unknown website traffic, so you know who your visitors are. More than this, it shows you precisely who was reading which parts of your website and where they came from (referral website, social media, search), providing you with insights into the best content to produce and your most effective marketing channels.

Gone are the days of struggling to draw conclusions from Google Analytics. You can now collect a list of leads in real time, simply by tracking who visits your site. But how can you sort the best website visitor tracking companies from the rest?

1. They deliver real-time, categorised data

A good website visitor tracking company knows which data matters most, and delivers it in real time.

Every visitor’s business name, company size, industry, location, website and full contact details will be provided so you can take full control, turning passive perusers into hot leads.

On top of all this, the best website visitor tracking software will also show you each identified visitor’s on-site behaviour, including what they searched for, the pages, blog posts or content they looked at, how many times they have visited and how long they stayed.

Using this behavioural data, sophisticated website visitor tracking software can sort your visitors into buyer’s journey stages, awareness, consideration and decision, so you know the best moment to contact them and how to approach them. You can continue to watch these prospects as they move through the buyer’s journey, as their every activity is tracked.

2. They prioritise your hottest leads

Based on the buyer’s journey stage and your own definition of a quality lead, a reputable website visitor tracking company can prioritise leads. Using set criteria to assign value to your leads, they will automatically send them directly to a sales representative’s inbox so they can get straight on the phone.

Giving your sales team this control and depth of information will empower them to perform better. Instead of cautiously wading into a list of contacts, they can confidently dive in headfirst, equipped with the knowledge they need to close deals.


3. They show you who was referred by which channels

Once you know you can turn your visitors and prospects into hot leads with website visitor tracking, you can put more emphasis on getting visitors to your website and less on your on-site conversion strategy.

The best website visitor tracking software tracks the original source of each visitor. For example, someone from a marketing agency found you on Twitter, an estate agent came to you via Google search, and an engineering company employee clicked on a link on a referral website.

Knowing the search terms used by your various buyer personas means you can target these keywords more to continue ranking highly and reach more of the same type of buyer. It also means you can start experimenting with other, similar keywords, to see if you can rank for those as well and attract more visitors.


4. They offer a CRM tool

As the website visitor tracking software gathers your leads in one place in real time, it should also allow you to add further contact details, set reminders and call backs, schedule meetings and appointments and keep track of your notes, quotes and proposals.

This way, you and your sales teams can stay up to speed with the progress on each lead. Never miss a trick; track your sales opportunities from start to finish, from lead to customer.


5. They allow you to create a wishlist of clients

The option to upload a dream list, a list of those businesses you’ve always wanted to work with, should come with instant alerts when one of the businesses visits your website.

This feature works on the reasonable assumption that they visit your website when they are looking for more information or considering their purchase. It gives you the opportunity to introduce yourself to those ideal B2B clients at the right moment, beating your competitors and closing the deal.

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