5 lead generation tactics to weave into your digital marketing strategy

lead generation tactics to weave into your digital marketing strategy

Online lead generation is no easy feat — especially when we learn that, according to Marketo, only 4% of website visitors are ready to buy. It is important for B2B marketers to select the right digital marketing tactics and channels, and then weave in appropriate lead generation techniques. While generating leads is just one objective of your wider marketing strategy — it’s one that brings with it new business opportunities, potential for revenue, and the chance to maximize your return on investment. In the current climate, with an increase in remote working, it’s never been more important to supercharge your strategy with the most effective lead generation techniques. Here are five subtle and effective ways to transform your digital tactics into lead generation tools.

Transform your calls-to-action

According to DSMI, 47% of websites have a clear call-to-action button that takes users 3 seconds or less to see. And, personalized CTAs convert as many as 42% more visitors. The best online marketing tactics are supported by personalized, relevant and engaging calls-to-action. So, before you send a campaign live or deliver a piece of content, you need to think about the bigger picture. Identify what you want to achieve from it, and think about the customer journey your potential buyer will go on. Whether it’s an email, downloadable PDF, video or social ad, direct them to a bespoke, easy-to-navigate landing page. This will increase the likelihood of conversion and make for an intuitive and seamless buyer journey.

Make online form-fills easy

Optimizing your website for conversions should be a core part of your strategy. If your digital marketing content is leading your potential buyers back to your website — then you should be  making it as easy as possible for them to convert. WP Forms discovered that as many as 74% of businesses use forms for lead generation. So, if that includes you, then you need to make them simple, intuitive and as short as you can. Busy B2B buyers don’t have time to input large quantities of details to find out more about your business — and with so much competition, capturing their interest fast is a must. Remember, position forms above the fold — according to Nielsen Norman Group, this increases the likelihood of your visitors completing them.

Gate your valuable content

Content marketing is an effective way of building your brand, positioning yourself as an industry-leader and getting noticed by the right people. Start by identifying who your buyers are, and tailoring your digital marketing campaign content to meet their needs. Share content that is free and accessible — like blog posts and short, engaging videos. This will help build trust and establish you as a reliable source of information and insight among your potential customers. Then, develop some higher-value pieces — this could be downloadable eBooks, engaging webinars or interactive content. These are the pieces you should be gating — requesting key contact details for your potential buyers before they can receive the content.

Run engaging competitions

B2B marketers don’t have it easy when it comes to online marketing tactics. Running creative and engaging campaigns can be tough when your products are high-value, niche and tend to involve multiple decision-makers. So, how can you harness online competitions to generate leads? You’ll need to use relevant social media platforms and campaign-specific hashtags to grab the attention of the right people. Work with industry-leaders and influencers to design campaigns that will engage your audience. Identify what they’ll be willing to share their details to win — whether it’s an extended free trial, an influential book, some industry advice or something else entirely. Include clear terms and conditions, deadlines and entry requirements, too.

Embrace website visitor tracking technology

Your website is the most important part of your lead generation strategy — so doing what you can to maximize its potential is a must. With website visitor tracking technology in place, B2B marketers have the best chance of achieving ROI from their lead generation marketing output. The right tools will provide you with high-quality data, open your team’s eyes to a world of potential business opportunities and — in some cases — eliminate the need for form-fills and data entry. The best reverse IP tracking technology, for example, will recognize the businesses visiting your site and notify you — even if they don’t make an inquiry.

Lead Forensics is an innovative lead generation software that transforms your business website into a hub of engaged leads. Utilizing reverse IP tracking technology and a global leading database of business IP addresses, the tool identifies your website visitors and reveals their previously anonymous identity in real-time. Users are provided with the business name and contact details of key decision-makers, as well as detailed user journeys of their time spent on the website. This way, marketers have everything they need to generate more leads, tailor content accordingly and reach the right person at the right time. And, sales reps can design the ultimate pitch. Discover a world of new business leads directly through your B2B website — book your free Lead Forensics demonstration today!


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