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5 proposal management software platforms to help you seal the deal

Your lead generation strategy has been running seamlessly — raising awareness of your brand, informing potential customers of your products and services, improving your online presence, and capturing lead data. But, once you’ve generated your lead and had a conversation about what they are looking for, it’s time to impress them with a strong proposal and move them quickly and effectively through your pipeline towards a sale. A business proposal is the document you send to a prospect — or someone you want to work with — that clearly shows what you can offer, and gives you the chance to show them why you’re the best vendor for the job.
Business proposals are one of the key elements when it comes to winning a job — no matter what industry you work in. But, writing, sending and managing business proposals takes a lot of time and effort. And, when it comes to seeing the best results off the back of sending proposals, time is of the essence. In fact, according to Salesforce, 35-50% of sales go to the vendor that responds first. So, there’s really no time to lose! Luckily, there are many proposal software apps that have come out in recent years that help make them quicker to create and easier to manage. Here are a few to explore.

1. Better Proposals

“Close more sales. Get paid faster.”
If there’s one thing you need to know about this app, it’s the power of templates. Better Proposals offers proposal templates for a variety of industries, such as SEO, marketing, web development and many more. Users can simply edit a template instead of writing proposals from scratch! Other cool features include proposal tracking, integrations with countless apps and the ability to pay directly from the proposal.

2. Proposify

“This is how business is won now.”
Discover Proposify. If you want effortless proposals that look beautiful, this is the tool for you. You can also pick from a variety of templates and select one of 15 languages that the app can use. You can also track when proposals are read and signed.

3. PandaDoc

“Sales documents that close.”
PandaDoc takes a different approach — it’s made for sales documents as well as proposals. You can use templates or create your own proposals from scratch using the drag and drop builder.

4. Nusii

“Beautiful, simple proposals in minutes.”
Nusii was created because the two founders struggled to create proposals in Word and InDesign. Using the app, you can create new proposals or use templates, along with some neat features such as proposal tracking, custom branding, follow-up notifications and much more.

5. Bidsketch

“Create professional proposals in minutes.”
Doing its best to stand out from the crowd, Bidsketch not only lets you create proposals, but also enables you to create landing pages. This is an effective way to save some cash if you’re looking for that kind of software! Another great feature is custom branding with client-specific domains, which makes your proposals look even more professional.
The most important part of any business proposal is making sure you’re giving your potential customer exactly what they want to see. Without important data and customer insight — what will make your proposal stand out from competitors? Consider including a reverse IP tracking tool — like Lead Forensics — in your wider business strategy. Not only does it transform your website visitors into high-quality leads and give you access to the contact details of key decision-makers, but it also provides you with detailed visitor journeys, so users can see what potential leads are engaging with on their site. Discover the pages they are looking at, products they are interested in, where they are exiting fast and what their user journey looks like. For the most effective proposals, technology is your best friend!
To discover a bounty of new leads directly through your B2B website, gain the ultimate insight into your website visitors, and supercharge your business proposals for maximum ROI — book your free Lead Forensics demonstration and claim your free trial today!
Adam Hempenstall is the Founder and CEO of Better Proposals — a proposal management software that helps you close more sales, faster. Speed up your sales process by creating high-impact proposals in minutes instead of hours.


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