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5 reasons your business must track companies viewing your website

Website visitor tracking can support so many areas of your business. So, if isn’t already a key part of your wider strategy, then you could be missing out on unbeatable results. We talk a lot about the benefits of tracking visitors to your website — recently, we have explored the pros and cons of web visitor tracking, looked at some of the best website visitor tracking tools out there, and provided you with a whole host of ways it can revolutionize your business, to name just a few. As a leader in the IP tracking software field, at Lead Forensics, we love nothing more than hearing from our happy customers and discovering how are turbocharging processes are supporting pipelines and increasing business opportunities. Find out more about how we help our clients and discover 5 fantastic, real-life examples of exactly why you need to start tracking your B2B site.

Generate new business leads

The platform itself is clear and easy to use and it is a valuable tool for any sales division to work with to increase revenue for the business.” — Jazz Gundham, CEO at e-Careers

A B2B lead generation strategy is crucial for businesses to succeed and grow. With website visitor IP address tracking in place to support your strategy, you can supercharge your approach. The most effective IP tracking tools will identify anonymous traffic, revealing new leads even if they don’t make an inquiry. This way, organizations can top their funnel with engaged website leads that they previously wouldn’t have known about. Lead Forensics helps online learning and professional training organization e-Careers discover new opportunities directly through their website with visitor tracking. The software has identified a number of potential enterprise opportunities and led to the business closing 2 great deals so far, with more still in the pipeline.

Increase upselling and cross-selling opportunities

Lead Forensics was a bit of a no-brainer. If we could contact people we knew were looking to buy, it would give us a massive head start on any other company.” — Phil Law, Sales Director, Pink Sheep

While getting new business is crucial, it is equally important to maximize opportunities presented by your existing customers. Intelligent website technology can tell you when your customers are looking at your website — not only does this increase upselling and cross-selling potential, but also enables users to turbocharge their customer experience. Business and promotional print provider, PinkSheep, invests in telemarketing for its business development. The business utilizes Lead Forensics to make timely calls to existing customers after being notified that they visited the website. The team is then able to introduce their customers to other products and stay ahead of their competitors.

Identify your best referrer channels

Lead Forensics has definitely increased our pipeline. And, within 3-4 months of using the software, we have more than paid for the platform for the next 2-3 years.” — Gundiver Bhogal, Head of Marketing at bakergoodchild

When investing time, money and resources in marketing campaigns, you want to be sure they are working effectively. With website visitor tracking software in place, you can identify your best referrer channels to see where your leads are coming from. bakergoodchild — a print, mail fulfillment and postage service organization — uses Lead Forensics to help identify which of the brand’s campaigns attracts traffic to the website, ensuring leads are allocated to the correct team. They also use the software to identify new businesses landing on their site — sending an induction pack to warm up leads ahead of sales calls.

Improve your website experience

Lead Forensics delivered an ROI of 423%. It’s brilliant. Fantastic.” — Adam Widdowson, Sales Executive, Carbon 360

Not only is it advantageous to discover the organizations looking at your site — but gaining insight into what it is they are looking at benefits your business too. By identifying the content and pages that perform well, you can make data-fueled decisions going forward. And, seeing what isn’t working well will help you decipher what needs to be changed to improve your site. Lead Forensics works with Carbon 360 — an online feedback solution — to analyze its web pages, discover the most powerful ones, and identify the businesses visiting the website. With support from their Customer Success Manager, the Carbon 360 team has been able to create a website that reflects exactly what their target audience is looking for.

Prove ROI fast

Lead Forensics is the best host, it opens the door and invites prospects in.” — Gavin Farley, Managing Director, In2Events

Embracing technology to succeed in a competitive B2B space is crucial, but it is a big decision to make. Proving ROI is an age-old concern for B2B marketers — so, businesses need to ensure the budget they invest and time they dedicate to their new software is achieving the best results for their organization. Prior to embracing site tracking software, leading events agency In2Events had invested in a new business website and wanted to maximize ROI. The business went on to complete a 2-week Lead Forensics trial, and, in that time, they identified a lead and closed a deal that paid for the investment for more than a year!

Lead Forensics is a website visitor IP address tracking software that helps businesses supercharge their B2B website. Utilizing the global leading database of business IP addresses, the software tracks your site and reveals the identity of your previously anonymous visitors in real-time. The tool also provides users with contact details of key decision-makers as well as detailed user journeys. This way, businesses has everything they need to reach the right person, from the right business, at just the right time with the perfect pitch. Discover a bounty of new leads directly through your B2B website and book your free Lead Forensics trial today.


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