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5 up and coming B2B sales techniques you need to master

In this video, I’ll be talking about the 5 up and coming B2B sales techniques you need to master.
Business priorities change but one thing remains constant.
We always need to grow our client base through an effective B2B sales strategy.
But consistently producing the results your business needs to grow is not easy.
If anything, it is becoming steadily more difficult as the world of B2B sales evolves and the buyer journey becomes more complex.
Sales teams need to move with the times too.
Discover these 5 sales techniques to bring you sales success!

1) Social selling

57% of B2B buyers now use social media to research vendors.
So, incorporating social media into your B2B sales strategy is a really good thing to consider doing.
Social selling makes use of social platforms to identify new prospects and nurture them through the buyer journey.
This is a more convenient point of contact for the decision maker and a way to passively digest information.
Social selling is about creating a personal, one-to-one connection with your prospect.
This may seem time-consuming, but it is no more so than sending an email or searching for data.
Your perseverance will pay off over time!
Those using social selling as part of their strategy have a sales pipeline 18% bigger than those who don’t.

2) Referral networking

Referrals are a B2B sales team’s dream.
9 out of 10 purchasing decisions are based on peer recommendations, so referrals are like gold dust!
But, many of us are too scared to ask for them.
We worry that we’ll put our new client in an awkward position.
However, this is not the case!
91% of B2B buyers said they would be happy to provide referrals for a product they think is good and have gained ROI from.
Yet, only 11% of salespeople actively ask for referrals.
Get there first. Give them a call and ask outright about whether they would refer anyone. If you’ve built good rapport and the Customer sees value from your offering, asking for referrals should be an easy process.

3) The “Challenger” sale

This is a new sales technique based on the bestselling book from Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson.
They believe that in b2b sales, there are 6 distinctive personalities.
Their study showed more than 50% of the highest performing salespeople across 90 organizations were Challengers.
Challengers are naturals at debating.
The aim isn’t to sell prospects an addition to their current process.
It is to encourage the prospect to incorporate your product around their existing process.
The salesperson joint venture sells by understanding the prospect’s current situation and comes to a mutual agreement in how their product/service can benefit the Customer’s business.

4) SPIN selling

It has been around for a while but it is imperative to sales success.
SPIN selling focuses on the questions you use to qualify your new sales leads.
S stands for Situation questions.
Ask about the prospect’s current situation to help you better understand their motives.
Your team can then tailor their offering to meet the prospect’s current business needs.
P stands for Problem questions.
Highlight the Customer’s problems and help them identify their businesses’ weaknesses and hindrances.
This helps your team drive the sale forward, as you can talk about how your solution can help to solve these problems.
I stands for Implication questions.
Talk in detail about the possible impact these problems could have on the Customer’s business if unresolved.
This helps establish a sense of urgency and credence in your solution, as the Customer sees the importance of taking action.
N stands for Need/payoff questions:
Help the Customer understand how valuable a solution to their problem your solution could be for their business.
This is where your team maximize on those client success stories and key benefits.
Using SPIN as the backbone of your sales qualifying approach gives your team a great chance of success. The situation element is without doubt the most important element
Until you know what your customer is buying, you don’t know what you’re selling.

5) Warm calling

We’re all familiar with cold calling.
But questions continually arise around its attraction to a modern-day audience.
The phone remains the most effective tool in the eyes of B2B salespeople.
But the best way to make impactful contact isn’t to call them when they’re cold.
Calling new prospects in response to interest shown is an incredible way to generate new sales leads and keep your product front-of-mind.
What better way to conduct a warm calling strategy than by contacting the businesses visiting your website?
They already have an interest in your product and are in the market for a solution like yours.
For an exceptional warm calling approach, you need Lead Forensics.
Our groundbreaking software identifies the businesses visiting your website in real time.
And it provides contact details for key decision makers and a breakdown of the time spent on your site.
This warm calling approach has seen outbound sales call success increase from 2%-40%.
Discover the power of Lead Forensics and book your free demo today!
I hope you found this video helpful.

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