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5 Ways Lead Generation Software Can Enhance B2B Sales

The B2B sales model has undergone many changes over the past decade thanks to advances in technology and innovations such as specialist B2B lead generation software available from Lead Forensics.

Today’s sales teams can now benefit from using technology at all stages of the buyer journey, from initial parts of a sale, to helping with the generation of leads and their nurturing, so they can concentrate their manpower on a more consultative sales process.

By devising an excellent marketing and sales strategy, and investing in the right tools, businesses will be able to attract the best leads, qualify them and improve their profits as a result – which is where lead generation software comes in and why it can be so invaluable for a company.

So if your organisation is aiming to improve its B2B sales, how can this form of software help you generate higher conversions?

1. Target relevant B2B leads

Any sales process becomes far more successful when it is based on relevant insights and a deep understanding of the target audience. Lead generation tools can provide this information.

As opposed to approaching cold leads and starting from the ground up, lead tracking software will reveal the identity of your unknown website visitors, segment them according to your needs and qualify them based on behaviour (such as number of website visits, etc.).

But why is this so important for your business? Because you will now have the power to see which companies are landing on your pages, determine their intentions and target them as hot sales leads. Your sales force no longer needs to waste time with cold contacts and can instead get to work on only warm and qualified leads.

Without lead generation software in place the whole process of locating these types of leads is extremely difficult, if not impossible.

2. Understand user intentions

When you are able to see which pages your site visitors are looking at, you can then start to determine which services or products they are interested in. With this knowledge at your disposal, when approaching new leads you can draw on the specific areas of your business that each prospect has been viewing.

As part of the sales process is focused on establishing individual prospects’ intentions, building a relationship, and gaining their trust, lead tracking software can give you the insights you need to start conversations off on the right foot. From that point on you can then focus all of your attention on negotiating and closing the sale, before moving on to the next targeted prospect.

3. Get accurate contact information

Even if you know who has landed on your pages, it’s still difficult to locate their contact details in order to follow-up on potential leads. However, with the help of IP tracking you will be able to view the contact details for every business that has visited your site.

This information can be used to target the prospect, or can be assigned to a member of the sales team who can contact them at a later date. Understanding who has viewed your pages, as well as being able to access their contact details, will save you time and provides quick access to the information you need to enhance your sales results.

4. Streamline the sales process

When it comes to your sales chain there are a number of stages to complete before your website visitors will actually convert – the buyer’s journey. As time is money your company needs to streamline the sales process as much as possible if you want to generate greater profits and reduce unwanted admin. IP tracking software can help with this in a number of ways.

First of all, trigger reports can be setup to notify your sales team when specific activity occurs on your site. I.e. when certain target prospects visit or return. Secondly, bespoke reports can also be sent directly to the inbox of key personnel in your company so that they can chase hot new leads straightaway. Whilst streamlining the sales process, IP tracking software allows you to focus on increasing sales through relevant, as opposed to random, leads.

5. Focus on your sales pitch

With a constant stream of relevant B2B sales opportunities and insights being presented to you via IP tracking software, you won’t need to focus much of your time and effort on this anymore. Instead, work on your sales and marketing techniques. It will mean incoming leads that you pick up convert at a higher rate.

It’s not just about being able to follow-up on leads, your team also needs to be able to sell and close the deal on every available prospect. So as the leads are generated for you, your sales team has time to perfect their pitch, aim to seal every deal, and propel your business forward.

Turn your leads into conversions

As you can see there are a number of ways in which lead tracking software can enhance your sales process. This simple but effective way to track and target hot leads means that you can increase your ROI and attain more business as a result. So it makes a lot of sense to invest in lead generation software.

With the insights from the software, combined with a dedicated and talented sales team behind you, you could soon be generating more sales and watching your company’s revenue soar.


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