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6 tips for creating a compelling calls-to-action

Every website conversion has come from a powerful, engaging call-to-action (CTA) that has led a visitor to make a purchase, send an inquiry or sign-up somewhere on your website. To optimize your site for conversions, you need a robust CRO strategy in place — and your calls-to-action are a significant part of that. To grow your business and succeed in a crowded market place, you need loyal clients and new customers — and to get new customers, you need to generate a continuous flow of new opportunities. So, it’s time to make every call-to-action on your website count with these vital hacks for creating compelling CTAs.

What do you want your visitors to do?

Every call-to-action should have its very own goal. Depending on the purpose of your site, this could be a macro conversion — one linked directly to revenue, such as an online transaction. Or, it could be a micro conversion — a smaller engagement, such as a content download. Before creating a piece of content, designing a landing page, or adding a CTA to an existing website page, you need to have a clearly-defined objective in place. This way, your visitors will find it easier to recognize what you want them to do, and you’ll be able to more accurately track the success of your campaigns.

Use command words and create urgency

Let’s start with language. Compelling copy is at the heart of a successful CTA — so opt for clear, concise and instructional language, experimenting with the length of copy to suit your audience’s needs. Consider developing a sense of urgency and exclusivity — promoting relevant benefits, adding a time limit and creating some curiosity. This will help speed up conversions, ensuring your visitors don’t want to miss out. And finally, make your copy as personalized as possible — according to DSMI, personalized CTAs convert 42% more visitors into leads than untargeted CTAs.

Place them proudly above the fold

According to DSIM, almost half of websites have a clear CTA that takes users three seconds or less to see. Consider your own online behavior as a consumer. If you’re highly interested in a product, but you can’t see where you can purchase or inquire, you’ll exit that site and find the next best thing. And in the B2B marketing world, where it’s already overcrowded and highly competitive, the next best thing is only ever a Google search away. To capture leads and increase conversions quickly, your CTA needs to be simple and obvious, making for an easy user-journey and intuitive user-experience.

Make them clickable

You want your website visitors to take action, right? So, your CTAs need to be clickable, leading them to the sign-up form, landing page, or contact page you want them to go to. To increase the number of clicks — and in turn, the number of conversions — you need it obvious that they’re ‘clickable’, too. Online debate forum, CreateDebate, found that making CTAs look like buttons boosted clicks by 45%. And, jewellery brand Helzberg Diamonds saw a 26% increase in clicks by adding an arrow icon to their CTA buttons. Ensure your CTA button has a clear border that differentiates it from the rest of the page!

Experiment with color

The color of your on-site CTAs can have a huge impact on your conversions. For example, SAP found that using orange CTAs increased their conversion-rate by as much as 32.5%, while Performable reported that red CTAs uplifted theirs by 21%. Your business, the desired action, and your audience will play a key role in which CTA color works best for you — research and experimentation are key. While there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to CTA color success,  OptinMonster suggests that it’s not about finding the perfect color, it’s about increasing visibility — use colors that are high-contrast, complimentary, consistent and on-brand. 

Test for success

A/B testing or split testing your calls-to-action will help you identify what works best for your brand and your audience specifically. Use your website analytics tool to identify who your visitors are, what they’re engaging with, and most importantly, what they’re not interested in. To amplify your ROI and see the maximum conversions, expect a level of experimentation — even the very best B2B marketers won’t get it right every time. Whatever you do, monitor, measure and be willing to adapt your strategies — from language and color to their appearance and placement — to help you achieve success.

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