7 things you can do to make sure you hit end of year targets

Don’t take your eyes off the prize: 7 things you can do to make sure you hit end of year targets

The final countdown is officially on for the end of another year. And as the days tick down you’ll no doubt be thinking of those all-important results. But as any good sportsman will tell you – it’s not over till it’s over. Whether you and the sales team have played a blinder so far, or you’ve found yourself up against it, a final push in this last quarter could see you heading for that coveted ‘game, set, and match’!

So how do you make this quarter your best yet? Have no fear, we have a cunning 7 step plan to help you drive on to glory.

1 – United we stand

Now is the time to regroup, reenergise and remind everyone in the team that you’re in this together. Positivity and passion are catchy, so make sure the whole team knows just how important this last quarter is. A team is only as strong as its weakest link so stand united and stand strong. You can do this.

2 – Hit it don’t quit it

We’re all only human at the end of the day and it can be easy to feel a bit disheartened if it looks like a target may be missed. But now is not the time for the foot to come off the gas. If anyone in the team looks like they may be heading that way then take some time to tackle it now before it has chance to do any damage. Fight through the haze and help them push on.

3 – Focus in on the big score

Time is short and a precious commodity now, so playing too much of the long-game is not going to help you in hitting this year’s targets. Instead, try and give extra focus to those specific deals that will give you the greatest rewards. Cut away any slack, so every minute you are spending really counts.

4 – Watch that work rate

Top teams have an amazing work rate and are constantly striving to improve. Make sure you are monitoring activity levels and spotting any opportunities for upping the pace and reducing the downtime. We’re not encouraging a burnout here, just saying watch out for any moments where you could be doing more.

5 – It’s good to talk

Are you maximising all potential opportunities from within your existing customer base? When did you last speak to them? Did you persist if you couldn’t reach anyone? Now is the perfect time to ring through your contact list. As after all, half the job is already done. There is no need for introductions, they’ve bought before. But are they aware of anything new you could offer them now? Have they developed or grown in any way that might open other doors for you? Get dialling. They may not want to hear from your every day, but creating opportunities to speak also shows you value the relationship.

6 – Focus on revenue

Focus in on the key metrics that will drive revenue, from picking up on all leads, to driving those conversion rates and maximising on any upselling.

7 – Up the incentives

Nothing invigorates and inspires a hardworking team more than the smell of success…oh and a nice little incentive to boot. Make sure you are rewarding them in any way you can to hit their targets.

So come on team! The final hurdle is in sight but many a game was won in the dying minutes. It could be a win, or it could end up being a hat-trick – as you can never rule out when that killer deal may land.