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8 lead generation mistakes we all make

Generating high-quality leads and keeping your sales pipeline full is no easy feat. In fact, according to B2B Technology Marketing Community, 61% say it’s one of their biggest challenges. Similarly, increasing quality leads is the top
priority for 68% of B2B professionals
. Planning the perfect strategy takes time — as well as a level of experimentation, and ensuring you have the right resources in place. Of course, there are a number of mistakes that every marketer and salesperson makes when it comes to lead generation. Let’s explore eight of the most common mistakes we make and — most importantly — how to avoid and overcome them for the best results.

1.) Investing in the wrong lead generation activities

It’s simple — not every B2B marketing strategy is going to work for every business. And so, investing in the wrong ones could be extremely costly. Test different platforms and channels, as well as researching what mediums your audience specifically is most likely to engage with. Remember, your aim is to create demand and generate leads — so ensure your marketing material drives traffic to the relevant pages on your website.

2.) Marketing to a generic audience

Knowing and understanding your audience is a crucial step in executing successful lead generation strategies. If you provide more than one product or solution — as many B2B organizations do — it’s likely you’ll have more than one audience. And, remember, different industries and decision-makers will have different expectations and exhibit different online behaviors. These will inform the business choices you make.

3.) A lack of personalization

According to Smarter HQ, 72% of consumers will only engage with marketing messages that are customized to their specific interests. So, an impersonal marketing approach could be standing in the way of your business and high-quality leads. Get personal, tailor your content marketing material, write about industry-specific subjects, and address your target audience specifically. Consider using industry segmentation or an account-based marketing approach.

4.) Misalignment across sales and marketing

Your business needs to be a well-oiled machine for your departments to thrive, and to execute the most effective lead generation process. Be sure to align your teams for the best and most impactful results — set goals that everyone can work towards, establish a clear channel of communication between departments, and host regular meetings to ensure everyone in the business is on the same page.

5.) Insufficient lead qualification

Before a lead becomes a lead, it needs to be qualified. This helps ensure that only leads that are likely to convert to customers are passed onto sales. This step is crucial to ensure time is optimized, and the highest-quality leads are always prioritized. Establish a clear process, ensure everyone in your team knows what a lead looks like, and that the right questions are being asked from the outset.

6.) Lack of lead nurture

According to Marketing Sherpa, 79% of leads never turn into sales. This makes sense when we learn that as many as 96% of your website visitors aren’t ready to buy, according to Marketo. A robust and engaging lead nurturing process is important to help move leads along your pipeline and convert them into sales. Your sales reps should be persistent — making regular contact, sharing relevant content and opting for a highly personalized approach.

7.) Underestimating technology

According to CMSWire, marketing technology spend is now higher than advertising spend for businesses. It plays a key role in enhancing your B2B lead generation process and supporting your business at various stages of the pipeline. From managing your leads more effectively and maximizing your website, to eliminating tasks and reducing human error — don’t make the mistake of ignoring the importance of having the right lead generation tools in place.

8.) Not measuring your lead generation efforts

When it comes to B2B sales and marketing, measuring success is everything. Ensure you know where you started and what you want to achieve — monitor your process, measure your results, and make changes to your strategy where necessary. If something isn’t working, don’t be afraid to alter your approach! For the best ROI and improved sales and marketing measurables across the board, familiarize yourself with the lead generation metrics that matter.

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