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A guide to measuring essential B2B marketing metrics

A guide to measuring essential B2B marketing metrics

This guide will cover:

  • What metrics mean for B2B marketers
  • Essential metrics to measure for detailed marketing analysis
  • Best practices for effective marketing measurement to promote strategic improvement

The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.”
, Former CEO of HP

Though 80% of marketers are driven by data, a majority struggle to properly measure their marketing success, gathering metrics for detailed analysis. Successfully measuring marketing metrics can fuel your team with data insight, helping them understand how to build better campaigns that improve vital results. This guide delves into the world of marketing metrics, and what they can do for your B2B marketing strategy.


Asking the right questions…

  • What is a marketing metric?
  • What are the benefits of measuring marketing metrics?
  • Which metrics must be measured to understand marketing success?
  • How can your team identify important channel metrics for measurement?
  • How do you gather vital metric results for analysis?
  • How can you turn metrics into action points to build a more effective strategy?

Understanding the importance of thoroughly measuring marketing metrics, and using their insight to build an exceptional strategy is paramount to achieving the ultimate marketing success. This guide has all the information you need to identify your most valuable metrics, measure them to gain understanding of marketing weaknesses, and evolve everyday processes to revolutionize results. Download A guide to measuring essential B2B marketing metrics for free today.  



What metrics mean for B2B marketers

A metric is a strictly numerical value, offering an objective and definitive reading that can be easily gathered, recorded and analyzed to offer an unbiased result. Attempting to measure marketing efforts through non-metric values cause results to be biased and vague, sometimes misleading your team to believe all marketing approaches are running smoothly, when they in fact need attention. Only with metrics can you gain an accurate and consistent understanding of marketing success.


When properly gathered and measured, metric analysis can provide highly valuable insight, helping your team understand your target audience in detail. Knowing which channels they respond well to, what calls to action successfully entice them and how to build product value that speaks to their business requirements, metrics provide all the answers to building the most effective marketing strategy.



What marketing metrics are essential to measure?

Whilst each marketing channel offers its own array of useful metrics for measurement, there are some values every business must take into account to properly understand their current success, and identify ways to improve results.


  • This metric is essential, as it outlines your success in delivering new business opportunities to your sales team, which is the key goal of every marketing department. Though this metric literally outlines departmental performance, 1/3 of teams struggle to gain accurate readings of this metric, due to difficulties surrounding lead definition and response criteria. This metric is additionally important, as after making strategy tweaks and additions, this result bears the fruit of marketing labour, helping you understand successes and pitfalls.
  • Understanding how many of the leads you generate meet ideal buyer criteria is key to understanding which channels successful reach your desired audience, and what communication elements promote the right message and product value. For the average B2B organization, 50% of leads generated are bad fits for their product, and offer the business no chance of revenue return. When every lead costs money, you want to be sure they offer your team a genuine chance of sales success.
  • Understanding this metric offers insight into how many leads are required to meet overall business results, and what your marketing team need to regularly deliver to drive business growth and success. If your team need to close 25 sales per month to produce profit to meet business expansion targets, and they manage to turn one in every six leads into clients, you’ll need to generate a minimum of 150 leads per month. This metric also offers insight into which channels generate leads with a deeper understanding of product value, and an increased likelihood of product purchase.
  • It’s easy to think revenue isn’t a metric that applies heavily to marketers, however without measuring revenue, you can’t measure return on investment- which is a vital metric to consider when building future strategies. Without understanding revenue gained, you’ll struggle to know where best to invest budget, and which channels you can safely apply additional budget to.

Using these metrics as a starting point, your team can discover why their marketing efforts bring in current results, and how to optimize each channel to improve campaign outcome.  Download here today!



How can Lead Forensics help my business?

Lead Forensics is an innovative marketing software, revolutionizing your website lead generation. Identifying the businesses visiting your website and providing contact details for key decision makers, discover a bounty of leads visiting your website every day. Take control of your conversion, gaining real-time data for instant, impactful follow-up communications tailored to each business lead’s website journey.


Lead Forensics can tell you:

  • Names and locations of visiting businesses
  • Contact details including phone number
  • Email addresses and names of key decision makers
  • Company and financial information
  • How they found your site
  • What pages they viewed
  • Their visit duration

10,000 B2B organizations have evolved their marketing processes with Lead Forensics, gaining ROI in excess of 8000%!  Get started- book your free demo and trial today!

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