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A Lead Forensics Guide to Optimising Your Social Media Accounts

When you think about lead generation, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Perhaps it’s traditional sales and marketing, or driving traffic to your website?

Well, in addition to this, there are plenty of other resources that can be just as effective at lead generation, as well as driving traffic to your site. One of the primary examples of this is social media.

The power of social

Social media has become so prominent in everyday life that the majority of businesses are now aware of the main and major networks. There was a time, even in marketing, when people would have been slightly unsettled about incorporating FacebookTwitter and Google Plus into their marketing strategy.

However, time has moved on and so too has the way in which businesses market themselves to their audience. So with social becoming commonplace, let’s see how your business can get more from these platforms.

Post regularly

First of all, make sure you populate your social profiles on a regular basis. Different social media platforms will cater for different needs. For example, whilst Twitter is excellent for breaking news and announcements, Facebook is more engaging and visual.

Frequently share industry related news and content, as well as your own blog posts and information from your webpages.

It’s also advised to post during different times throughout the day to find out what works best for your company. This tactic will be far more beneficial compared to updating your profiles at the same time each day and will allow you to reach a wider audience too.

Link your profiles together

Once your social profiles are up-to-date and you are posting on them regularly, make sure that users can easily access your other social channels as well as your website.

For example, on your Facebook bio, you can link to your Twitter page and/or your website. The same process can be repeated on all of your other social profiles too.

This allows users to navigate all of your social properties, where they can find more information and relevant content. It will also help prospects when researching your business during their initial enquiry phase of the sales funnel.

Link to your content

Where natural and applicable, you can link from your social updates to relevant pages on your website.

To enhance your profiles further, link back to your site from other areas of your social accounts. For example, in your Bios or About pages link to your blog and other specific landing pages.

Linking to site content will allow users to read more about a particular subject matter, as well as turn traffic into conversions – if they need to enquire then they have already arrived on your website!

Use lead generation software alongside social

Whilst you are generating traffic via social channels, you can also use lead generation software to determine which content is worth sharing on these platforms.

By analysing lead generation data, you will be able to share more targeted content to your social followers. For example, if you discover that blog content from your website has received good traffic statistics, you can start to share these articles on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.

In addition to the above, social attribution also comes into play. Lead generation software enables you to determine how your unknown website visitors have landed on your site via your social channels.

With this information, it’s possible to observe which networks are providing you with the most traffic to your site. From here, you can enhance and align your future marketing plans accordingly, with the ability to generate even more hot leads.

IP tracking software will allow you to improve ROI from social media by investing more time in the platforms that you know are likely to generate targeted leads.

Engage and respond promptly

Social media is a fast-paced environment, so it’s no good using these platforms every now and again. Your branded business accounts should be used as much as possible on a regular basis.

Using your profiles in this way is far more beneficial for keeping followers engaged and allows you to interact, build, and maintain the relationship with your audience.

Social media enables customers to get in touch with your business quickly and effectively. For example, if they have a query or feedback it’s important for you to listen to the customer’s needs and respond quickly.

Not only is this good for the user, but it means that your business can effectively gain instant real-time updates and feedback on products and services. Managed in the right way, this can be extremely powerful.

Use a custom URL

Depending on the platform, when you first set up your social accounts, you will be given the option to change your URL structure.

For Twitter in particular your username will become your URL – for example: @LeadForensics

Ensure that all of your social profiles are branded in a similar way to maintain a consistent image and message for your audience.

Without this consistency it could be confusing for the user, meaning that they might stop following you, or worse, not follow you in the first place.

Use high-quality images

Alongside typed updates, the social sphere is also incredibly visual too. As a result, use high-quality images to make the content you are posting more shareable.

Posts that feature high-quality images are likely to receive greater engagement than those with poor-quality or no images at all.

Use quality images in your cover photo and profile pictures too and ensure that they accurately reflect your brand in the best light possible. Remember – you’re after a consistent message across all accounts.

Optimise your profiles and entice your readers

So, with these tips at your disposal, take a thorough look over your social media accounts and see how you can optimise them for the better.

In doing so, you’ll attract more of a social following and be able to improve your online marketing efforts whilst enhancing your B2B lead generation tactics too.

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