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Accurate Attribution

Attribution continues to be the bane of marketers as many businesses are still forced to use the “last transaction” approach to attribute new business leads or sales.

With the increasing number of potential touchpoints and ways to communicate with B2B prospects, it’s no surprise that this traditional form of marketing analysis is causing budgets and resource to be spent in the wrong place because businesses don’t have a true picture of the customer journey. The most advanced marketers are finding themselves restricted and frustrated because their company CRM is built only for last click analysis and not multiple transactions.

Marketing automation tools are helping to overcome this issue but with this type of system often taking many years to implement, looking at what can be done right now is often a good starting point.

In 2011 digital is increasingly becoming the most important part of any businesses marketing activity and the website is now the central point or hub for all prospects and leads.  Regardless of the channel they were influenced by, statistics show over 80% of prospects view a business’s website before making contact or enquiring. Using Google analytics for PPC or analysing click throughs from referrer sites or other activity such as email will give a satisfactory picture of where leads are coming from. But what about those prospects who are influenced by a particular channel and then visit the site to enquire at a later date?

Using Lead Forensics lead generation software enables marketers to track back their site visits to other marketing activity previously carried out. This means that leads which would be traditionally classified as “web leads” or SEO can now be more accurately attributed to channels such as email or direct mail.

By connecting the current CRM with Lead Forensics, trigger reports can be set up so that when a site visit occurs, Lead Forensics searches the database to find the most recent transaction to that prospect. The result is that the marketing and sales team can actually see the prospects most recent activity and the fact that they received an email 2 days before or submitted their data at an exhibition. Better still if the rest of the customer journey is on the database this can all be linked to provide a full view of the impact of each marketing activity.

With many websites still operating separately from other direct activity or relying on direct click throughs for analysis, Lead Forensics goes some way to bridge that gap and make marketers spend more effective in 2012.

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