Agility, relatability & personalization: a recipe for marketing success in Q2

Agility, relatability and personalization: a recipe for marketing success in Q2

Over the past 12 months, laptops, iPads and smartphone screens have become a window into the homes, lives and realities of those around us. From your favorite influencers to colleagues and friends, communicating solely via social platforms, apps and technology has become the norm. While the Covid-19 pandemic has left many feeling physically further away from loved ones, it has also provided a closer look into the lives of others. Children walking in during a live television interview; dogs barking throughout important meetings; we’ve seen it all.

B2B organizations are no exception. Whether it’s an online advert filmed remotely or webinar that should’ve been an face-to-face event, B2B brands and their buyers have entered a new realm: one where humanization, empathy and connectivity have never been so important. In fact, a study assessing the effectiveness of ad campaigns found that those that successfully connect with consumers emotionally sold almost 20% more than those that didn’tas well as having a positive effect on secondary marketing metrics.

It all boils down to three key tactics: agility, relatability and personalization. But, how can businesses ensure they get it right?

B2B leaders must be agile

According to PMI and Forbes, 92% of C-level executives believe organizational agility is critical to business success. Yet, only 27 percent consider themselves highly agile. For a B2B organization to be truly agile, it must span the whole business — and every employee within that business. Encourage self-learning, adaptability and training for your team members to ensure they can pivot quickly and effectively to change, while adopting technology and implementing tactics to support this. Turn challenges into opportunities, encourage creative thinking, flexibility and include learning and development in your wider strategy to ensure your team has the competitive advantage you need to stay ahead.

Relatability in every corner of your business

Snapchat found that 77% of millennials and Gen Z say short-form mobile video helps them feel like they’re part of a community. In a remote-working, socially-distant environment, this need for a sense of community is on the rise. Consumers want to shop with brands that understand them and help them to feel connected. At the root of relatable marketing is trust. Your buyers are humans, and they want to work with, speak to and buy from other humans that they like, trust and relate to. If your marketing campaigns are impersonal, lack empathy and don’t meet the needs of your target audience, they’ll do more damage than good. Conduct the research, understand your buyer expectations, and create a brand that your target audience is proud to build a professional relationship with.

Personalization is still King

“Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed.” – Dan Zarella, Viral marketing scientist at HubSpot

Accurate data is essential for business growth — and it’s key for delivering hyper-personalized experiences. According to Invespcro, 40% of organizations aim to increase their data-driven marketing budgets — with top uses including customer journey mapping; A/B testing; personalization, and segmentation. By now, you should recognize that creating and sharing content, experiences and messages that are relevant to your audiences is critical. To do this, you need verified data and detailed insight to help you make the right decisions for your business. This includes identifying what your audience best responds to and how to customize your communications to key segments for intensified conversions.

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