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The pros and cons of anonymous website visitor tracking software

Website visitor tracking is a powerful and useful approach to gaining insight into the people visiting your business website. It can supercharge your lead generation process, provide you with hordes of data and help you transform your website for the better — but is it right for your organization? When selecting appropriate marketing tools for your business, you should always weigh up the good and the not so good elements to ensure you are making the best decision for your brand, team and customers. Let’s explore the pros and cons of anonymous website visitor tracking to see whether it can benefit your business.

The pros


Reach out to the right person at the right time

The best website visitor tracking tools present real-time insight into who is visiting your website. This provides businesses with multiple benefits. Firstly, revealing the identity of visitors helps marketers and sales teams generate warm leads that are already engaged with their business. And, secondly, real-time notifications provide the advantage of timing — not only do you know a visitor is interested in your business, but you also know they are thinking about it right at that moment. This can help businesses get in front of potential clients before their competitors do, simplifying their buyer journey and helping to reassure them that they are the right brand to work with.

Gain customer insight

Knowledge is power — especially when it comes to understanding your customers or potential clients. Tracking visitors to your website enables you to get inside the heads of people interested in your business and discover exactly what they are looking for. What do your visitors have in common? Are they all from the same industry or sector? Are they a similar demographic? Knowing who is interested in your product or service can help fuel your business decisions going forward. And, with access to user journeys, you can see the content that is of interest to your visitors and ensure everything you create resonates with them.

Enhance customer experience

Customer experience is pivotal to success — and if you work in a competitive industry, it can be the factor that makes you stand out from the crowd. With effective tracking tools in place, not only will you gain an understanding of your audience, but also of your website’s overall performance. Discover what your visitors are looking at, for how long, and at what point they decide to leave your website. This way, you can make changes to your site to ensure the best user experience for your visitors. And, utilizing visitor journey data to personalize your follow-up sales calls and emails could help you win clients faster.

The cons

Initial cost

Marketers are often met with a barrier when it comes to budget. So, including website tracking software in your strategy and budget plans from the outset is crucial. While it may seem costly in the first instance, it is crucial to consider the return on investment from effective marketing tools. Will it increase the number of leads generated? Will it speed up your processes and save your teams’ valuable time? Will the quality of leads generated help increase your website conversion rate? Be prepared to monitor and measure the success of the technology, and decide if the initial cost is worth the return.

Managing and understanding data

Access to high-quality data brings with it increased knowledge and opportunities — but it also comes with great responsibility to handle it properly. Data compliance is crucial, and although the introduction of GDPR initially caused some confusion among B2B marketers, it is pivotal to put the safety and privacy of customers at the heart of everything you do. When selecting a tool to help supercharge your business, do your research and ensure the software is data compliant. You will also need to execute your follow-up strategy according to data regulations, as well as managing, storing and acquiring your data appropriately.

Reliance on technology

Technology is growing more intelligent and powerful every day. However, it still poses the risk of failing. And, relying solely on technology for any process can cause problems. While technology reduces the chances of human error, it is crucial to have a plan and appropriate resources in place to support any technological issues. Do you have a team member in place to manage your website tracking software? Do you have a strategy in place to support the technology, or is it undertaking the whole process? Does the software brand you have opted to use offer customer support at every stage — helping you to get the most out of the tool and providing a solution to any issues you may face? Consider this when planning your purchase.

What should be your deciding factor

Every business is different — and each one will have its own set of goals and objectives. When it comes to deciding whether or not website visitor tracking is for you, it ultimately has to be based on whether it will help improve your business. If you are looking to generate high-quality leads, maximize your website and gain detailed insight into your customers, website visitor tracking can revolutionize your strategy. However, it is important not only to select the most beneficial software for your business, but also to ensure you have the budget, resources and knowledge in place to utilize the technology effectively.
Lead Forensics is a leading website visitor tracking software helping businesses maximize their B2B websites and gain detailed insight into their site visitors. The software works by revealing the previously anonymous identity of your visitors and alerting you in real-time. Thanks to a global leading database of business IP addresses, users will discover the organizations visiting their site. Lead Forensics also provides access to contact details of key decision-makers and detailed visitor journeys. This way, sales and marketing teams can reach out to the right person at the right time for the ultimate personalized pitch. Discover a bounty of engaged leads, directly through your B2B website. Book your free Lead Forensics demonstration today.


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