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Are you looking to take lead nurturing to the next level?

There was a time when lead generation was put in place so you could simply make sure you were staying in front of prospects and businesses were sending ‘one fits all’ email campaigns. But today these emails would be seen as lead nurturing on a very basic level.

Lead nurturing needs to be more about delivering content that’s personalised, relevant and compelling. Here are some steps to take your lead nurturing to the next level.


Campaigns based on selling stage

When nurturing a prospect, it should be about moving them along the selling cycle. You need to create campaigns designed to focus on the 3 points of the selling cycle; early, mid or late. Because someone who’s at the beginning of the cycle has very different content needs to those who are at the closing stage.

Campaigns based on behaviour

There are lots of marketing automation systems today where you can trigger automated campaigns based on online behaviour. Consider creating campaigns based on visits to key web pages or prospects downloading particular content.

Segment by persona or industry

There’s more chance of your lead nurturing campaign being successful if you segment your data into categories for example decision maker, job title and industry. Your messaging will then be more targeted and relevant to the individual’s persona and you’re offering will appeal to them more.

Campaigns based on product interest

If you’re company has a range of different products you shouldn’t be sending everyone the same message regardless of interest. You should be developing campaigns that are segmented by product interest based on prospect behaviour such as web visits, content downloads or even if they’ve registered or attended a webinar.

And importantly, when you’re sending online campaigns you need to make sure you’re tracking them so you can see what ROI you’re achieving. You can do this easily through the Lead Forensics tool. By being able to see who’s been on your website and the links they used to get there, you’ll be able to attribute it to a specific campaign. And if they haven’t enquired, we can provide you with their full contact details so you can easily follow up and convert them into new business.

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