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Becoming The Ultimate B2B Marketer: Blogs to Bookmark in 2015

“In digital marketing, if you stop learning you die. Period.” Jay Baer, Convince & Convert.

Jay’s observation is…dead true. In an industry that evolves so fast, it’s easy to get left behind. By regularly reading and learning from the best blogs in the business, you’ll quickly find new ways to develop both professionally and personally – putting yourself on the next step in the career ladder.

This is by no means an extensive list, but take a look at some of our top blogging picks for 2015 (and let us know what you think).

Shutterstock Blog

Feel like getting your creative juices flowing in 2015? Visual content will be a growing medium in any B2B Marketers toolkit in 2015, just look at how fast Instagram moved in 2014 – over 300 MILLION active users, overtaking Twitter by a long run.

Take inspiration from Shutterstock’s blog where they uniquely combine photography, design and marketing in these eye-pleasing entries of high-quality articles.

Bryan Kramer Blog

If your goals for the year revolve around making your work and your brand more human (or even becoming a little more ‘human’ yourself…) then this is the blog to bookmark.

70% of buyers rate ‘how’ you engage with them as having more impact than the product sold, as a result, #H2H (Human to Human) is a marketing movement that is ringing true with B2B Marketers today. Keep an eye on the CEO of Purematter’s blog in 2015 – Bryan is leading the way with transformative marketing, and is a great inspiration challenging the status quo for B2B Marketers everywhere.

Wistia Blog

If your goals in 2015 are to get more creative with media, take a look at Wistia’s blog. They’ll show you how to create and edit high-quality videos on a budget and using a smart phone. And when 52% of marketers name video as the content type with the best ROI, it’ll put you in your managers ‘good books’ too!


If your career and development goals for 2015 are SEO based, then MOZ will help you get there! Take a look at their extensive beginners guide or dive even deeper with Whiteboard Friday, a weekly video series covering the latest SEO news and discussions with Rand and the team.


Looking to develop your leadership and marketing skills this year? Perhaps you’re ready to take the step up in your career?

Imagine if TED talks dealt just with marketing, design and leadership – awesome right? Behance brings together a whole mixture of podcasts, music playlists, blogs and quizzes. Take a look at their extensive mix of media that will keep you engaged and learning for hours.

This Advertising Life

For when you need that little pick me up, take a peek at This Advertising Life and revel in the GIF’s of life as a modern marketer.

Also don’t forget to check out our own Lead Forensics blog for great articles about B2B marketing and lead generation.

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