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        Behind the scenes at Lead Forensics: volunteer day at Feed My Starving Children

        lead forensic charity team

        Behind the scenes at Lead Forensics is a feature that gives us the chance to showcase the ongoings at the lead generation software software company. From activities and charity ventures to the faces behind the brand, get to know all things LF!

        “Giving is not about making a donation. It is about making a difference.” — Kathy Calvin, CEO & Founder of United Nations Foundation

        Giving back to charity is ingrained in what we do at Lead Forensics. Our workforce regularly gets involved in charity ventures — whether it is making a donation themselves, volunteering, or raising money for a great cause. In the past couple of months alone, we’ve seen a charity Sports Day at our Portsmouth, UK head office, numerous dress down days, and a forthcoming charity ball. Recently, our Scottsdale, Arizona branch spent the afternoon volunteering at Feed My Starving Children — an incredible charity working to tackle hunger.

        Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) is a non-profit that provides nutritionally complete meals specifically formulated for malnourished children. Their approach is simple. They are funded by donations, volunteers hand-pack the meals in an assembly line, and the meals are donated to FMSC food partners around the world, where kids are fed and lives are saved. The charity does deeply personal work that matters to its volunteers, donors, partners and — most importantly — its meal recipients. You can find out more about the organization, how to volunteer and how to donate here:

        On 29 July, our Scottsdale office packed up at noon and headed to FMSC to help pack boxes of food for starving children — in a bid to do what we could to help the charity towards their aim to end hunger. It is a charity we’ve worked with before — this was our third visit. We’re always thrilled to be able to work with such a great cause! As an organization, we ensure that we work with and raise money for charities that are important to our team members. Mikayla Zobrist, Corporate Recruiter in the Scottsdale office, went along as part of the team of 26.

        Mikayla said: “We always love volunteering at FMSC. We volunteer there once a year, and it’s definitely our favorite volunteer event as a group. It’s an amazing cause and is a ton of fun for the team as a whole ⁠— we compete to see which team can pack the most boxes in the allotted time!”

        Working together on charity endeavours gives our team members a chance to build on important skills, grow their friendship, and really showcase their great work ethic. It also reflects a number of our core values — including positively challenging each other to improve and working together as one team, as well as caring for and giving back to those in need.

        Speaking of the team’s hard work, Mikayla said: “We packed 172 boxes ⁠— that’s 37,152 meals ⁠— which feeds 101 kids for a year. That’s a cost of over $8,000, and it took just one afternoon of our team’s time. We’re immensely proud of everybody’s efforts, and look forward to helping FMSC out in the near future.”

        Feed My Starving Children

        She added: “Giving back to charity is so powerful for the team. It gives us the chance to work together, be part of a really great cause, and spend some time away from the office to help those in need. It’s a great way for our team to bond, too ⁠— especially since it’s a charity that matters to all of us. We love to be a part of it.”

        Across the Lead Forensics organization, charity work is of the utmost importance to us. From senior management to junior level staff, each of us sees the value in doing what we can to support those in need. Since 2010 we have been committed to UK charity Building Schools for Africa. In that time we have climbed mountains, cycled across countries and sky-dived, as well as holding regular fundraisers, events and offering a Give As You Earn scheme, all to raise money for this incredible charity. Keep up with the latest from Lead Forensics to find out about our next charity venture and how you can support us!

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