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        Behind the scenes at Lead Forensics: high spirits for Halloween 2019

        Behind the scenes at Lead Forensics is a feature that gives us the chance to showcase the ongoings at the lead generation software company. From activities and charity ventures to the faces behind the brand, get to know all things LF!
        The team at Lead Forensics has been creeping busy throughout October — but, there’s always time for a spooktacular Halloween line-up! We know that a positive company culture is crucial when it comes to boosting morale and keeping spirits high. So, we’re excited to announce a whole host of events and activities at the Lead Forensics Portsmouth HQ ahead of Halloween 2019. Keep your eyes peeled for the latest updates across our social channels — including a costume competition and some creative, Lead Forensics inspired Jack-O’-Lanterns!

        Trick or Treat yourself…

        Throughout October, a Trick or Treat box has been set up in the Portsmouth office’s marketing department, ready for every team member to take a chance on. For each completed task or inquiry generated, staff can reach inside for a scary surprise. Tons of team members have braved the unlucky dip to claim their prize — from chocolate treats and tasty sweets to gooey slime and spooky spiders!
        “I manage a large team and having a Trick or Treat box at the center of the office is a great incentive to get focused, get things done and reward hard work. Every time an inquiry is generated, the whole department claps and congratulates each other, then team members are able to pick something from the box. It is a good laugh and keeps everyone super motivated!” — Ethan Stoffell, UK & EMEA LinkedIn Team Manager

        “Come as you aren’t”

        Do you have the guts to dress to impress? On 31 October, residents of Portsmouth should be wary of magical creatures and frightening beings on their Thursday morning commute! If you share your train carriage with a ghoul, stand behind a zombie in the coffee queue or hold the door open to a pumpkin… have no fear! The Lead Forensics team are getting creative and wearing their best costumes to be crowned the King or Queen of fancy dress.
        “We have a lot of charity dress-down days, and it’s great to get the chance to wear your own clothes to work for a good cause. For Halloween, we’re encouraged to dress up and there’s a competition for the winning department. People get really creative, and it’s so much fun! Last year, we saw everything from a fortune teller and a minion to witches and vampires!” — Charlotte Everson, Social Influence and Rich Media Marketing Manager

        Jack-O’-Lantern carving competition — pumpkin to talk about!

        The annual pumpkin carving competition is back on 25 October! This is a great opportunity for the marketing department to show what they’re made of and design the best Lead Forensics inspired art. The teams are in place and pumpkins are at the ready, but who will be crowned in 2019? This year, there will be double the chances to win. The best pumpkin will be chosen by a Lead Forensics judge on the day, followed by a competition across our social media channels over the weekend.
        “Every year, the pumpkin carving competition is so much fun. I get to be creative every day when bringing the Lead Forensics brand to life, and I love watching other members of the team show off what they can do. The catch is that every pumpkin has to be inspired by the brand… I look forward to seeing what this year’s winners come up with!” — Tom Cleverley, Studio Lead and Lead Graphic Designer

        The Halloween pub quiz — brains and boos…

        Tuesday 29 October will be see the Lead Forensics Portsmouth team put their thinking caps on for a fangtastic pub quiz! Cold weather and darker evenings won’t stop us from ensuring there is always a bit of healthy competition around. The captains are gathering members as we speak, in the hopes of pulling together a winning team. But it’s not all about winning — it’s a great opportunity for our busy team to have some fun and spend time together outside of work.
        “We can’t wait to host a Halloween-inspired pub quiz this year. It is so important for the business that the Lead Forensics team bonds outside of work in a casual setting. That way, we can perform like a well-oiled machine day-to-day! We are big on company culture for a reason. Plus, who doesn’t love a good quiz to get your brain working on a Tuesday evening?” — Georgina Quinn, Senior Brand and Influence Marketing Manager
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