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      Experience turbo-charged lead generation with a free trial.
      Simple set-up. No commitments. Get started today.

        Behind the scenes at Lead Forensics: Technology for Marketing

        Behind the scenes at Lead Forensics is a feature that gives us the chance to showcase the ongoings at the lead generation software company. From activities and charity ventures to the faces behind the brand, get to know all things LF!

        We’re thrilled to announce that on 25-26 September, the Lead Forensics team will be attending Technology for Marketing 2019 at Olympia in London. The two-day event — which sees more than 15,000 attendees and 250 exhibitors — will be an eye-opening experience for B2B marketers. With a focus on the world of technology and data, the event is guaranteed to provide insight into how marketers and advertisers could and should be utilizing MarTech. With a speaker lineup that includes marketing professionals from the likes of Adobe, Co-op, Birchbox, Visa and more, attendees are sure to learn something new and hear fascinating stories. The event will host more than 300 speakers and explore trends from the MarTech landscape — marketers who want to stay in the know should be sure to attend! Register here to join the Lead Forensics team at this year’s #TFM.

        Becca Godding, who heads up the Lead Forensics events team, said: “The technology that marketers use is constantly evolving and developing. At Lead Forensics, the team is committed to self-development, growth and upskilling to ensure we do the absolute most — which is exactly what the event promotes.”

        She added: “As a leader in the MarTech industry, it is important for Lead Forensics to stay ahead of the game and be truly immersed in the technology for marketing community. There are so many benefits of truly embracing software for your marketing processes, and we hope to inform others, learn more ourselves, and speak with like-minded marketers, too.”

        Opening your eyes to the world of quality marketing technology can skyrocket your marketing processes. B2B organizations in particular are often behind the curve when it comes to utilizing tech to take their processes to the next level. Lead Forensics is a software that can truly enhance your lead generation process and support your team all the way through the pipeline. If generating high-quality leads is one of your marketing objectives, then it is time to discover Lead Forensics! Our software works by alerting users in real-time when a visitor lands on their website, giving marketers and salespeople a competitive edge and enabling them to reach out at just the right time.

        Not only will you gain a bounty of new, engaged leads, but you will also see benefits at every stage of your pipeline. Get alerted when existing customers land on your B2B site and gain a detailed user journey, so you know exactly what they are looking for. Find out when lapsed customers and current pipelines prospects are looking at your site and get in front of them while they are most engaged. By maximizing the impact of your website, you will get the most out of your wider marketing strategy. Capitalize on the time, money and effort spent driving traffic to your site, qualify leads early, align your teams, and manage leads more effectively than ever before.

        If you are looking to utilize MarTech to turbocharge your lead gen process, don’t miss out! Visit stand C40 where Becca and the team will be ready to answer any burning questions you have. Speak to us to discover the power of Lead Forensics and get your hands on delicious Pick n Mix sweets! Plus, if you book and sit a demo before Friday 27 September, you will be in for the chance of winning one of two Fortnum and Mason hampers worth £100 each.

        Becca said: “Data is everything — and quality data is something we are passionate about at Lead Forensics. Learning how to get the most out of it to enhance your business, improve customer relationships and gain more customers is an integral part of what marketers do every day. An event dedicated to exploring that is so crucial.”

        She added: “We love getting to speak with fellow marketers and show them the capabilities of Lead Forensics. Don’t miss out — come and meet the team and find out how we can help you streamline processes and gain new leads through our easy-to-integrate and innovative tech. We can’t wait!”

        Lead Forensics helps B2B organizations turbocharge their lead generation process. Our best-in-class lead generation software works by tracking your website and revealing previously anonymous website traffic. Users will be notified of leads in real-time so that sales and marketing teams can strike while the iron is hot. See your visitor’s website journey and tailor your communications to meet their needs. Take your lead gen process to the next level and generate high-quality qualified leads. If you want to learn more about how you can skyrocket your B2B lead generation process, request a Lead Forensics demonstration today.