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The best IP address tracker to identify your anonymous website visitors

Website visitor tracking technology can support your business in multiple ways. From providing you with detailed insight into your website visitor behavior to helping you make changes to boost conversions, its benefits are countless. One of the biggest advantages of embracing the best IP tracker technology for your B2B organization, however, is the ability to identify and track your anonymous website visitors. This provides businesses with a competitive advantage and enables them to identify leads through their website — even if your visitors don’t inquire. Let’s explore the best options for your organization when it comes to increasing your lead pool and supercharging your business with website IP address tracker technology.

How does IP tracking work?

IP tracking works by identifying the IP addresses of your website visitors, and then following their behavior as they explore your website. This way, businesses can gain insight into the on-site journeys their visitors go on — discovering the pages they are looking at, how long they are staying there, and where they are exiting fast. It will also enable users to see their best referrer channels, so businesses can identify which of their marketing tactics is driving the most engaged traffic. According to LeadPages, 81% of sales happen after seven or more contacts — so, if your visitors aren’t inquiring on their first visit, then this extra insight from your website can help you transform your B2B lead generation process.
While IP tracking technology can track your website visitors, not all of the available tools will reveal their identity. Some website tracking technologies rely on your existing database to identify visitors, while others will simply provide you with the visitors’ IP location. If you are looking to track your website visitors and reveal their identity, you must ensure that the software you select enables you to do so. Lead Forensics, for example, is a reverse IP tracking tool. This means that — utilizing the world’s leading business IP address database — the software identifies the owners of the IP address and provides you with the visiting business’s name. No matter what your organization’s objectives and requirements, lead generation should be a key part of your business strategy. So, if discovering new business is a part of yours, then high-quality reverse IP tracking tools could be the ultimate solution for you.

IP data and lead quality

According to B2B Technology Marketing Community, increasing lead quality is a top priority for 68% of professionals. And, similarly, 55% of B2B professionals say that it is increasing lead volume. With effective IP tracking technology, achieving both is possible. If a visitor has landed on your website, it’s safe to assume they have at least some interest in your brand, product or service. And, just because they don’t inquire doesn’t mean they won’t in the future. Identifying your visitors can help you create more opportunities to generate leads in the first instance, and gaining insight into their behavior can help you enhance your lead nurture process. Remember, high-quality, accurate data is a valuable tool that can help you create personalized experiences that prove value to your potential customers. This, in turn, this will improve the quality of your leads. In fact, Annuitas Group discovered that nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than leads that aren’t nurtured.

Everything you need to know

According to Terminus, for organizations that are advanced in account-based marketing strategies, CRM, marketing automation and website intelligence are the most commonly used MarTech tools. And, Forbes discovered that one in five marketing organizations is increasing its spend on marketing technology in 2020. So, if you haven’t already included a budget for technology in your wider business and marketing strategy, it could be time to review your plans. Innovative marketing tools should be considered to support a whole host of your business processes — and they should be used to optimize, streamline, enhance and, in some cases, eliminate your day-to-day tasks. IP tracking tools can help you identify leads, improve your conversion rates, transform your funnel and revolutionize your business. For the most impactful results, you have to select the software that is right for you.
Identifying your previously anonymous traffic can open your eyes to a whole host of uncovered potential customers. Lead Forensics is a leading website IP tracker helping B2B organizations maximize their business websites. Utilizing a global leading database of business IP addresses, the software works by revealing the identity of your previously anonymous website traffic in real-time. This way, businesses are notified of the organizations exploring their site, even if they don’t make an inquiry. The tool also provides contact details of key decision-makers and detailed user journeys — so, your teams will have all the information they need for the ultimate sales pitch. Discover a bounty of new leads directly through your B2B website and book your free Lead Forensics demonstration today!


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