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Checklist – Boost your B2B marketing with reverse IP lookups

Reverse IP tracking enables businesses to discover the names of domains linked to IP addresses visiting their website. This means your team can discover the names of businesses visiting your website … but what can it do for your B2B marketing results?

This checklist is the perfect place to start, helping ensure you achieve an outstanding return on your latest reverse IP lookup investment.

Follow these 10 easy steps to see how reverse IP lookup could revolutionize your B2B marketing efforts. Download for free today!

How can Lead Forensics help my B2B marketing?

Every day, 98% of the businesses visiting your website leave without contacting your team. Take control of your website conversion and access this bounty of new business opportunities with Lead Forensics. Identifying the businesses visiting your website, Lead Forensics provides contact details for key decision makers along with a detailed analysis of every visit to fuel your team with all the data they need to instantly follow-up opportunities with a tailored, impactful approach.

The Lead Forensics software can tell you:

1. Visiting businesses’ name and location, in real-time

2. Contact details for key decision makers, including email addresses

3. Full visitor journey analysis featuring referrals, pages viewed and duration

Over 50,000 B2B marketing professionals trust Lead Forensics to revolutionize their processes and take full control of their website conversion. Find out more- book your free demo today!

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