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Business lead generation tips for small marketing teams

In this video, I’ll be telling you about the best marketing software for b2b teams.
Generating plenty of high quality leads is no easy feat.
Especially for small b2b marketing teams!
Generating enough business leads to fuel your sales pipeline successfully is just the start.
Teams need to ensure the leads they generate are high-quality.
And, offer a good chance for conversion.
Can a small marketing team master the art of successful business lead generation?
Of course they can!
They just need to approach it from a new angle.
Don’t let the size of your team hold back your business potential.
With these 6 tips, your B2B marketing team can master business lead generation and gain the best results.

Master SEO

The world of B2B marketing is digitally driven.
Your website needs to be the nucleus of all your digital marketing activity.
And it needs to be easy to find! So it’s time to master SEO.
The better your SEO, the higher your website will rank in search engines.
Choose your keywords carefully!
And ensure they are fully optimized throughout.
It is always best to speak to an expert if you are unsure.
They will be able to help you strategize your use of keywords and continually monitor your rankings against competitors.
SEO is a vital skill to see business lead generation success.

Sort your data

Data is essential to marketing success. No matter what size your business is!
Without the correct data systems in place, your small team will struggle to achieve the results they need to continue business growth.
It’s time to get your data sorted. Ask yourself questions like:
1.) How do I gather and store data for marketing campaigns?
2.) Do I use a CRM?
3.) What tools do I use to gather metrics and data to make campaign reports? Is this efficient?
4.) What data do I need to draw effective analysis?
5.) How do I get that data?
6.) Are my data processes compliant to legal requirements?
Almost 80% of B2B marketers don’t have all the data they need to run efficient campaigns.
Don’t let yourself get into this rut!

Make friends with automation

Nearly half of all B2B marketing tasks can now be automated in some way.
This means your small team could achieve twice as much.
79% of the top-performing companies using automation in their marketing to see a 10% revenue increase within 6 months.
So, you need to embrace this incredible technology!

Follow a content calendar

Creating high-quality content marketing materials can be time-consuming and expensive.
And, consistency is crucial!
Using content calendars can be life-changing for small teams.
Plan what you want to create and plot them on a calendar when you’d like to release them.
This gives your content marketing strategy substance and deadlines to regularly stick to.
This makes it far easier for your small team to stay on top of content.

Be selective on social media

Teams that try to do a little bit of everything risk losing points for consistency.
Smaller teams need to be more selective and for the most part, stick to the key channels.
Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter tend to be more useful for businesses than platforms like Pinterest or Google Plus.
Be selective about what you share, too!
With a limited image library, you’ll soon run out of new assets to share.
Think creatively and try not to be too repetitive!

Understand your website visitors

No matter the size of your business, your website will receive visitors.
Especially if you’ve mastered your SEO!
These visitors will have an interest in your product.
With a small team, you’ll want to maximize every opportunity!
Why not identify your website visitors with Lead Forensics?
Discover the businesses visiting your website.
Gain contact details for key decision makers.
And get a full breakdown of each website journey, all in real-time.
This means your team can conduct impactful and effective follow-ups, tailored specifically to the needs of each business.
Generate more new business leads than ever before and take full control of your conversion.
With advanced website analytics and a customizable dashboard included, this is the perfect lead generation solution for marketing teams, big or small.
Find out more and book your free demo today!
I hope you found this video helpful.
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