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Can a sales software boost funnel success?

Abi Abrahams, Thursday 21 March 2019
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The short answer to this question- is yes! Sales software of all kinds has started to maximize new technological advancements that empower B2B sales teams to achieve revolutionary success. The average sales team use five different kinds of software solution (and with more and more software becoming readily more accessible, it’s easy to see why!). But are you using the right software? What kinds of solution are essential to securing a healthy and efficient sales funnel?.




A CRM (customer relationship manager) is simply an essential piece of software not just for B2B sales, but for every department within your business. This solution sorts and categorizes the data of every prospect, lead, qualified opportunity, client, lapsed client- anyone who is or has been in contact with your business.


CRMs are highly important. Without this data management, your sales team would have no control over their current funnel activities. A CRM ensures data is appropriately communicated between departments, recording and documenting all key detail relating to the individual buyer journey of each opportunity. It is this data that fuels effective sales communication and drives opportunities closer to becoming clients.


Without a CRM, you have no pipeline. You have no way of identifying pipeline opportunities and tracking their funnel progression. With this in mind- here are a few CRM recommendations:


Salesforce: The world’s favourite CRM. Salesforce offers a wide variety of sales benefits for organizations of all sizes. As this CRM is so popular, many other kinds of sales solution integrate with Salesforce enabling data to be seamlessly transferred between all elements of your software stack.


Pipedrive: Notoriously easy to use. Pipedrive focusses on making a CRM that’s simple to customize and quick to adopt. This is the perfect CRM for smaller sales teams who want a tool that provides the exact data they need, the moment they need it.


Microsoft Dynamics: This CRM helps deliver insightful detail surrounding sales operations and required processes, giving your team an advanced approach to pipeline management. Microsoft Dynamics aims to be both flexible and secure, adaptively working around your other software solutions whilst ensuring full data protection.


Sales communication software


If you want a successful B2B sales funnel, communication is imperative. In the past, a phone was the only piece of equipment you needed. As technology advances, however, so have the ways we communicate and share our brand message. B2B sales processes now require software to enable a wide variety of communication activity, including group discussions, conference calls, product demonstrations and screen-sharing.


It can be easy to overlook this kind of software, as they don’t seem instantly essential to a sales pipeline. However, they are a fundamental element of securing sales success. The competition has never been higher. To secure the business of potential buyers, you need to deliver an elite sales experience to every decision maker, and these solutions help make that happen.


The average B2B purchasing decision includes seven different decision makers. Without a system to run a conference call or deliver an online demonstration, how will you effectively sell to all seven of them? Discover these solutions, to take communication control:


GoToMeeting: An online meeting room solution. GoToMeeting enables decision makers to take part in a group call, from anywhere, at any time. With transcript recording, virtual whiteboard and screen-share capabilities, GoToMeeting does it all. This software does what it says on the tin. It helps you easily hold conference calls without incurring connectivity conflicts or interruptions. You can even use operators to verify those entering the conference, helping you tackle more complex calling requirements.


Consensus: This software creates personalized video demonstrations for B2B sales prospects, ensuring they are easy to communicate and send. You can also analyze prospect behaviour during their demo, using heat-maps and detailed analysis to gauge potential buyer interest and plan your next communication.


Social selling solutions


Social selling has started to revolutionize how B2B sales teams identify new business opportunities. Combining the wide networking power of social media with a B2B sales approach can fuel your pipeline with cherry-picked, high-quality opportunities. B2B sales teams using social selling are 40% more likely to see success. Social sellers have sales pipelines 18% bigger and move 28% faster than teams failing to embrace this modern approach.


For effective social selling, you’ll need to embrace a software solution. This approach requires the ability to identify ideal prospects amongst the hundreds of thousands using social networks. Then, once identified, you’ll need to carefully build a unique and influential relationship with each one.


Social selling solutions assist your team in targeting the right audience, helping them understand what kind of communications and interactions will best promote your product. We would recommend these social selling software platforms:


HootSuite Social SellingPerfect for social selling beginners. HootSuite can help your team seamlessly build and adopt a social selling strategy, learning how best to engage newly identified prospects and quickly see the desired return.


LinkedIn Sales Navigator: LinkedIn is a business orientated social media platform, and the perfect place to conduct social selling. This tool can help your team identify valuable new business opportunities and maximize social engagement to increase deal size by 35%.


rFactor Social Port: This software aims to boost sales productivity by optimizing a social selling strategy to capture potential leads in the early stages of their purchasing decision. With a focus on maximizing content to heighten social nurture, this solution can effectively boost your pipeline momentum.


Sales automation software


We are steadily entering a world fuelled by artificial intelligence, and B2B sales software has embraced AI power to deliver advanced sales automation solutions. It’s easy to think B2B sales is focused on conducting compelling communications that encourage leads to make a purchase.

Many of us often forget the number of administrative, analytical processes required to secure success. A B2B salesperson has to manage vast amounts of data, send a large number of follow-up communications and understand potential buyer behaviour to action the appropriate responses.


All these tasks can now be automated, giving your sales team more time to focus on processes that require their personal attention such as phone calls, demonstrations and face to face meetings. Discover the power of sales automation with these tools:


Salesloft: This solution improves sales processes by automatically gathering lead data and conducting nurture communications based on previous prospect behaviour and potential buyer preferences. Gain an understanding of the buyer’s changing priorities whilst maximizing every potential opportunity.


Boomerang: This is a simple and highly accessible tool, helping you schedule future email communications for lead follow-up, whilst gaining advice on how to compose the most effective email communication. Automation doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming; Boomerang can be implemented in seconds and is cost-effective, making it perfect for smaller sales teams.


Growbots: Automating the processes of outreach and qualification. Growbots takes your CRM data and automates communications that ensure your sales team gain an understanding of lead suitability and qualifying criteria. Instead of losing leads to a string of eligibility questions, instantly engage them with insightful product discussion.


The multi-talented solution


There are many kinds of sales software, each one offering your team a selection of benefits that drive increased pipeline activity and heightened sales success. Some tools are highly advanced, as they have the ability to offer multiple benefits. Instead of using three or four different kinds of software, look to discover a multi-talented solution, like Lead Forensics.


Our innovative sales software identifies the businesses visiting your website, providing contact details for key decision makers including email addresses and telephone numbers.  Featuring advanced website analytics and visitor journey breakdown, our solution can revolutionize your sales lead generation and prospecting efforts. Lead Forensics also features an inbuilt CRM, helping sales teams measure and track lead progression throughout their funnel. Additional features enable seamless follow-up communication via phone or email and detailed sales reporting for individual user pipelines.


If you’re looking to discover software to turbo-charge your sales success, welcome the power of Lead Forensics- book your free demo today!


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