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Can marketing software help with your B2B lead generation?

Marketing software can help with all matter of business objectives. With so many different software solutions available, it seems there is one for every element of your business. When it comes to generating and nurturing leads, it is important to adopt a strategy, and in turn, a software solution that works for you. There are a number of ways to generate potential new business. This includes:

    • ● Email marketing


    • ● Social media marketing


    • ● Content marketing


    • ● Event marketing


    • ● SEO


           ● PPC

And, there are a number of available software solutions to help take these processes to the next level. You can find out more about some of our favorite marketing software here.

How can marketing software help with your B2B lead generation?

Software for B2B marketing helps accelerate your standard marketing approaches. This is usually by increasing the speed and accuracy, improving the targetability, and providing better insights compared to your usual marketing strategies. If lead generation is part of your wider marketing plan, then utilizing intelligent software could be the way forward for your business.

Your marketing objectives

Before deciding whether lead generation software is right for you, it’s important to establish what your marketing objectives are. Sometimes that is easier said than done. There are multiple approaches to this, but here is one of the most successful and popular ones.

Define your SMART Objectives:

S is for specific.When it comes to setting goals and objectives, you need to avoid being vague. You should outline numbers and deadlines. For example, instead of saying ‘we want more website visitors’, you should outline how many website visitors you want in a time frame.

M is for measurable. Make sure your goals are easily trackable. You should have a target that to you means success, and aim for that. This could be a percentage in growth or an expected increase over a specific time period.

A is for attainable. Objectives should be achievable and realistic. Think about how you are going to meet your objectives and make sure it is possible. Make sure the numbers, time frame, and outcome are all achievable by the team and means you have in place or will have in place.

R is for relevant. Make sure your marketing goals are relevant to your wider business goals. Will this objective make a difference to what you hope your business achieves?

T is for time-based. Your objectives should include a time frame. This could be a simple deadline date, or a more focused set of deadlines working towards a final cutoff date.

Now it is time to decide where lead generation, and lead generation software, fit into these objectives. Let’s start with how SMART objectives focused around lead generation might look. In this example, you are a company that sells office furniture to other businesses.

S is for specific. We want to increase the amount of engaged leads we send email marketing to by 10% within three months.

M is for measurable. This means the team has three months to grow our mailing list by 10%. The marketing emails are sent to 500 contacts each month, so by the end of next quarter, we need to be sending this to 550 contacts.

A is for attainable. We will utilize lead generation software, like Lead Forensics, that will provide us with quality data from our website visitors. We will be notified when a lead is visiting our website, and therefore be able to strike while the iron is hot! Key decision makers should be sent engaging content with a signpost to join our mailing list.

R is for relevant. The overall business objectives are to increase total profit by 10% by the next quarter. A minimum of five product sales per month are generated through email marketing. The more mailing list contacts, the more potential customers.

T is for time-based. At the end of month one, we should have increased our contacts by 5%. At the end of month two, we should have increased them by 7.5%. By the end of month three, there should be a 10% increase in the monthly profit, having acquired a total of 50 new contacts.

Do you see how lead generation software fits perfectly into this scenario? The more hot leads generated, the more likely the team is to make a sale.

Marketing software for lead generation



Our lead generation software works by revealing the identity of your anonymous website traffic. These are leads that are already engaged with your brand, interested in a product, or at the very least, aware of your business. This happens in real-time, so you can instantly access key contact details of the business visiting your website and contact the potential lead while they are most engaged with your brand!

Not only can you access their key information, but you can also learn about their onsite behavior. This is a great way to ensure your communications are personalized, leads are qualified, and both you and the potential customers are getting the most out of your follow up. Lead Forensics can provide you with what leads searched for, how often they’ve visited, what pages they viewed, and their buyer consideration stage.

How to measure the success of your marketing software

Measuring the success of any marketing software is crucial to your business. But, as marketers, working out and understanding ROI is something we universally struggle with. However, with effective lead generation software in place, this is made much easier.

Lead Forensics, for example, is a hub of useful ROI data that makes attribution easier than ever before. The software enables you to track your prospect’s journey and even see where they abandon the website. You’ll be able to see where they found your site and can therefore see which channels are driving your site, whether that be Google or a social media platform.

If integrating lead generation software into your wider marketing strategy sounds like something that could benefit your business, why not give Lead Forensics a try? Our software revolutionizes the lead generation process by providing you with the contact details of key decision makers in the companies that are viewing your website. Turbo-charge your approach to lead generation today with high-quality, new business opportunities.


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