The art of the sales pitch

The way we do B2B sales is changing. It’s time to re-evaluate your tactics and move with the times otherwise you’ll find your sales team left behind (along with a large deficit of revenue…). A recent study has shown that the top 20% of sales reps close 80% of the sales, leaving the other 80% of their team to […]

How to use B2B content marketing to close more deals

Generating leads, growing an audience and creating brand awareness are all great reasons to consider using content marketing. But, did you know it can also be a great tool for helping you close more deals?   Show your audience HOW your solution solves their problems. In B2B sales cycles, it’s rare that you will sell something […]

Procrastination on the sales floor: How to overcome it

We all do it. 95% of the population spends part of their working day procrastinating. Piers Steel states that the average person spends 2 hours a day procrastinating. Of course some people do it more in the workplace than others – and this is where the effect on sales can occur. B2B sales reps already have around to perform daily, from calls […]

Introverts, extroverts and ambiverts- who sells most?

Refining a sales team is always a huge challenge. To some people, working a conversation into a business interest and onto a closed deal comes naturally, and some work very hard to be good at it. It is common belief that a specific personality is needed to work in sales, and it’s fair to say that […]

From Nurturing Leads To Nurturing Companies

Have you ever looked at the interaction your company is getting on social media and wondered how you can turn a ‘like’ into a sale? Thanks to the growth in digital marketing and the influence of online in the B2B buyer journey, things have changed in the world of sales.   A potential customer is now […]

Sales conversations: how to assert credibility

One of the main challenges faced by any business is building credibility. It will be a key factor in whether someone chooses to spend their cash with you and is essential for both business growth and achieving a healthy bottom line. If you already have a strong track record behind you – and some glowing […]

Webinar Masterclass: Turbo-charging PPC results for your business

Here comes the second webinar in our Sales and Marketing Masterclass Series. In case you haven’t heard about our Sales and Marketing Masterclass Series yet, the Lead Forensics Sales and Marketing Masterclass Series is a series of short webinars hosted by our top sales and marketing experts. In each webinar we will share our knowledge and give […]

What is a Gantt Chart and why use one for your projects?

The success of any project comes down to the quality of the planning that has gone into it. And the larger and more complex a project is, the more elements that will need to be managed. Keeping on top of timings and juggling everything that needs to be done, can be challenging – especially when […]

How Lead Forensics complies with GDPR

This month, we really wanted to focus our blog on bringing you knowledge around GDPR, and doing everything we can to help your organisation feel at ease with it. There’s loads to take in, and we have worked extremely hard to research GDPR and re-evaluate not only all our systems but our product too, so we […]

Mistakes to avoid when devising your first B2B sales strategy

Every B2B business needs a solid sales strategy at its heart, if it’s to succeed. That’s because – for a majority of entrepreneurs – it will take more than just luck and hard work to grow a successful business. The thought of putting together your first sales strategy may seem a little daunting, but it […]