What does GDPR mean for B2B marketing?

It’s the elephant in the room for organisations everywhere- the General Data Protection Regulation, or the GDPR. But it’s not as scary as all that! GDPR is an evolution.  It’s an evolution of data protection regulations that are already in place, regulations that businesses already have to comply with.  We are currently in a “period of grace” […]

The 5 hottest B2B sales and marketing trends for 2018

Keeping it fresh, optimizing your performance and generating new opportunities are the top challenges faced by every B2B sales and marketing team. And if you’re ambitious, driven and looking to make an impact this year, then there are some key trends that need to be on your radar.   Here, we’ve pulled together an overview of what are set […]

Essential marketing tools for 2018

It’s a jungle out there and for any B2B organization to survive, it needs to have a well-oiled marketing machine at its heart, generating a steady flow of leads that go on to be turned into results. But staying on top of everything, whether you’re responsible for marketing within a small company, or part of a huge […]

The top 3 sales tactics for 2018

High pressure and high energy, that’s the life of a sales rep. It’s about the ‘buzz’ that comes with the thrill of the chase, landing the deal and watching those sales figures soar. But the B2B sales landscape is constantly evolving, along with the tools and technologies that can support teams to achieve their goals. It’s therefore […]

How to achieve marketing excellence in 2018

The most successful marketing teams around today know that if their business sits still, it will quickly be left behind. They are therefore always looking at ways to improve, to innovate, to expand their reach and increase their impact – continually offering customers something new. But with all the advances being made in technology and the way […]

What is a Gantt Chart and why use one for your projects?

The success of any project comes down to the quality of the planning that has gone into it. And the larger and more complex a project is, the more elements that will need to be managed. Keeping on top of timings and juggling everything that needs to be done, can be challenging – especially when […]

How Lead Forensics complies with GDPR

This month, we really wanted to focus our blog on bringing you knowledge around GDPR, and doing everything we can to help your organisation feel at ease with it. There’s loads to take in, and we have worked extremely hard to research GDPR and re-evaluate not only all our systems but our product too, so we […]

B2B sales skills you need to master in the 21st century

Sales people are a vital part of the chain in any B2B organization, as they are the ones who are ultimately responsible for closing deals. For any company, it’s a simple enough equation – to be successful you need to win business and make money. However, selling doesn’t always come easily for everyone and even […]

How to leverage awards when you’re a B2B business

There has been an explosion in awards programs over the last decade and the good news for B2B marketers is that they can present a valuable opportunity. Whether you are thinking of entering, looking at sponsorship opportunities or even considering hosting your own, the potential return on investment could be significant. Within most industries, there […]

B2B Sales and Marketing Benchmark Report 2018

To be super successful in the cut-throat world of B2B sales, there’s no sitting still. You need to constantly be looking at ways to move forward, whether it’s enhancing your product or service, improving its delivery, or streamlining your operations to become an ultra-efficient, revenue generating machine. Commercial awareness is key – that means being able […]