Digital Marketing ROI Forecaster

The Digital Marketing ROI Forecaster for B2B Marketers   There’s nothing more exciting to a marketer than testing new digital channels, but a clear forecast is essential if you want to avoid any nasty surprises! Download the free Digital Marketing Forecaster for Excel and you’ll be able to: Effectively plan your paid digital marketing activity […]

The Lead Forensics Partner Program

Lead Forensics Partner Program   Whether you’re web developers, an agency or consultant, the Lead Forensics solution combined with your expertise is the formula for lead generation success. The Lead Forensics Partner Program is designed to support all of our Partners in becoming Lead Forensics experts, providing the tools and training to incorporate Lead Forensics […]

Checklist – Ensure your website visitor tracking is accurate

Website visitor tracking seriously benefits B2B marketing and sales teams, boosting results, improving lead generation and supporting a healthy sales pipeline. But how do you ensure the data collected remains accurate and exact, so we can make data driven decisions with confidence?

Checklist – Cut your cost per lead

Some quick-fix solutions for lowering your CPL and keeping it there. This checklist will ensure a more efficiently use of your B2B marketing budget and a better return on your investments.

Content Audit Checklist

This Content Audit Checklist will help you gather useful insight about your content in an easy 4 step content audit template.

Checklist – Supporting a healthy B2B sales pipeline

Your B2B sales pipeline outlines the process by which sales leads move through the buyer journey, from initial interest onto a closed sale. Perfecting a B2B sales pipeline is hard, and maintaining it can be challenging. Strike the right balance, pleasing sales leads at all stages of the pipeline.