The Ultimate Tech Stack: 10 Questions to Ask When Refining Your Tech Stack

With rapid digital transformation sparked by the pandemic, evolving consumer behaviors, and digital-first marketing strategies, picking the right set of tools and frameworks for your technology stack has never been more important.   Here are 10 questions to ask when assessing what technology is best for your company.

7 ways to prepare for third-party cookie changes

Roughly 80% of marketers depend on third-party cookie data, and 70% believe that the removal of third-party cookies (3PCs) will be a step backwards for digital advertising. One thing is certain; these changes will impact the marketing landscape in a big way – so how can marketers best prepare for the changes? What solutions are […]

Manage your sales pipeline effectively

Successfully manage your sales pipeline

Implementing a sales pipeline is key for B2B organizations to execute the most effective sales process — but without a pipeline management plan in place, it won’t take long for it to get out of hand.   From prioritizing leads and cleansing your pipeline regularly to using the right technology and understanding key metrics, there […]

maximize your lead gen using website visitor tracking

Maximize your lead generation using website visitor tracking

Identify anonymous website visitors? Check! Optimize your website? Check!   Maximize your website opportunities for the ultimate lead generation? Double-check!   We’ve put together 10 steps to ensure your business gets the most out of your website visitor tracking software — helping you develop a sure-fire strategy for success and get the best results. Gain […]

Building a killer demand generation engine

Your demand generation process should be a well-oiled machine. If it isn’t already, then you risk losing out on high-quality opportunities. Your approach needs to be robust, all-encompassing, and weave seamlessly into your wider business strategy. Start at the beginning. Do you have a marketing strategy in place? Who is your target audience? Have you […]

Mastering Your Lead Generation Strategies

When it comes to implementing effective lead generation strategies, it is about more than simply finding new business leads. To master your lead generation approach and get the most out of your own strategy, there are a number of things you need to consider. How does generating new business leads fit into your wider marketing […]

touch points

Adopting a cross-channel attribution model

A cross-channel (or multi-touch) attribution model helps businesses better understand their return on investment, splitting revenue gained between all channels that influenced the buyer journey, instead of just the single channel that converted the lead. This model brings an enormous amount of business benefits, but is notoriously difficult to seamlessly integrate with everyday processes. Use […]


Digital Marketing ROI Forecaster

The Digital Marketing ROI Forecaster for B2B Marketers   There’s nothing more exciting to a marketer than testing new digital channels, but a clear forecast is essential if you want to avoid any nasty surprises! Download the free Digital Marketing Forecaster for Excel and you’ll be able to: Effectively plan your paid digital marketing activity […]

The Lead Forensics Partner Program

Lead Forensics Partner Program   Whether you’re web developers, an agency or consultant, the Lead Forensics solution combined with your expertise is the formula for lead generation success. The Lead Forensics Partner Program is designed to support all of our Partners in becoming Lead Forensics experts, providing the tools and training to incorporate Lead Forensics […]