Checklist – Cut your cost per lead

Some quick-fix solutions for lowering your CPL and keeping it there. This checklist will ensure a more efficiently use of your B2B marketing budget and a better return on your investments.

Content Audit Checklist

This Content Audit Checklist will help you gather useful insight about your content in an easy 4 step content audit template.

Supporting a healthy B2B sales pipeline

Your B2B sales pipeline outlines the process by which sales leads move through the buyer journey, from initial interest onto a closed sale. Perfecting a B2B sales pipeline is hard, and maintaining it can be challenging. Strike the right balance, pleasing sales leads at all stages of the pipeline.

Science Behind Persona Driven Content Marketing

98% of B2B website visitors don’t enquire… …we tell you who they are.  Business Name  Telephone Number  Address  Pages Viewed …and more! Free Trial   Increase your online ROI Track the end to end journey of the businesses visiting your website, so you can attribute leads and sales to specific marketing activity and channels. Access […]

Checklist – Sales velocity – made easy!

Providing a guide to your daily sales efficiency, sales velocity is a figure every B2B sales team should know. Not only does it tell you where you stand, it also lets you know what areas you can improve on, to see those bigger, better results! But where do you start?

Why sales and marketing should join forces

  Imagine if you could take control of your company’s lead generation activity and convert ready-to-buy prospects before your competitors even get close? Here’s what Lead Forensics can do for you: Identify your anonymous website visitors – and give you the key decision-makers contact information (including phone and email) Tell you how they found you […]