How to ensure you are staying data compliant in website tracking

Website visitor tracking and data compliance: how to ensure you are doing it right

“Without data, you are just another person with an opinion.” — W. Edwards Deming, engineer, statistician, author Gaining quality data should be an integral part of your business strategy. And, doing so while complying with data regulations should be equally as important. When devising a plan to get hold of high-quality, valuable data for your […]

How will Facebook’s proposal to ‘hide likes’ affect brand reputation?

“We want your followers to focus on what you share, not how many likes your posts get. During this test, only you will be able to see the total number of likes on your posts.” — Instagram spokesperson on ‘hiding likes.’   When it comes to demand generation, strategies like social media marketing and content […]

How will the new ePrivacy Regulation affect B2B lead generation?

“Putting data protection at the center of digital business strategies is the key to improving trust and digital growth.” — Steve Woods, Deputy Commissioner, ICO   As marketers, staying on top of changes to data compliance should be deeply rooted in what you do every day. Back in 2018, organizations faced the data compliance giant […]

Does your business blog measure up?

Though 77% of B2B decision makers engage regularly with business blogs, two in three marketing teams fail to regularly create and publish these rich content assets.

Should content marketing break the bank?

The money spent on content marketing continues to increase, with the average B2B company spending 30% of all marketing budget on this channel alone. 45% of marketing teams expect their content budget to increase within the next 12 months, but with $1 billion wasted every year on ill-fitting and ineffective content creation and distribution, could your content marketing strategy break the bank?

Is this the end of Google+?

Everything continues to plummet downhill for Google+ as HubSpot offer another debilitating blow, announcing that from 28th January 2019, their software’s social media tool will no longer support Google+. HubSpot has decided to terminate their solution’s connection to Google+, in light of the recent data breach revealing Google’s social media offering contained a bug that […]

Are you measuring the right B2B marketing metrics?

Though 80% of marketers are driven by data, many still struggle to properly measure their marketing efforts, gauging their success and gaining vital understanding to benefit future campaigns. Only by grasping marketing metrics, can you gain advanced campaign insight to fuel improved results.