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Choosing the right lead generation service for your business

We all understand how important lead generation is to business success; it’s a process we’re keen to perfect with the aim of gaining exceptional results. Many businesses turn to a lead generation software, hoping their services will help streamline processes and provide the desired increase in results. But how can you know if a lead generation software service is right for your business?And how do you choose the right solution? Here’s a few ideas to get you started, helping you choose the best lead generation service for your business needs.


Identify your lead generation challenges


To know if a solution can genuinely benefit your lead generation processes, you need to identify the challenges currently preventing you from hitting targets. There is a whole range of trials meeting lead generators; whether it’s a channel specific problem, a difficulty with lead quality or a struggle to find the perfect pipeline process, identifying the areas of weakness within your lead generation strategy is imperative.


There’s no point investing in a software to boost your email marketing success if this channel is already delivering a comfortable result. You’d be much better looking to services that focus on benefiting areas currently posing difficulties for your team. If you’re finding it difficult to nurture warm leads to conversion with content, then this is the perfect opportunity to discover a service that resolves this problem and ensures conversion success.

As there are so many different software solutions available to boost lead generation, there will always be an answer to whatever challenges your team, but you’ll never narrow the search down without a clear cut direction. Try mapping your lead generation strategy out into a pipeline to best see what areas are falling short- you may even find several ways a service could boost results!


Identify you ideal software service


With your challenges outlined, ask what the perfect service would do for your lead generation results. Would it be channel specific, or holistic in its offering? Would it solve just one challenge, or multiple? What data would it provide? How will you measure its success? Dreaming up the perfect solution may seem like an odd exercise, but only by carving out the precise details of your ideal service will you understand your lead generation requirements and discover a solution that properly meets them.


With so many lead generation services on offer to help your business, you can start to narrow the choice down to perfectly suit your ideal requirements. You may yet find your dream solution exists, or you may discover a selection of smaller solutions that when combined and integrated meet all the requirements of your ideal software service.


Look to your technical capabilities 


Before you can select a lead generation service to boost business results, you need to know how the technical capabilities and limitations of your business could effect your choice. Can a software be easily downloaded to multiple devices, or would you prefer a solution held externally, where your team just need to log in? How easy would it be to organize any updates, and to implement the solution with new starters?


Look also to your data storage; many lead generation services provide new data or organize data to better execute marketing strategies; will you require any specific integrations to ensure easy data transfer? Is your current CRM and data processing systems capable of gaining a large amount of new data? Though these don’t seem like priorities to consider when choosing a lead generation service software, they are in fact essential. Without considering these elements, you may discover a lead generation solution that seems perfect, and fall at the final hurdle upon realizing it’s not a viable option for your team.


Know your lead qualification detail


When using a lead generation software to boost performance, your team can see a large influx of new leads, which is a very exciting prospect. However, if these leads don’t meet your qualification criteria, then you’re no better off than you were before. If you’re keen to use a software service to gain new lead data, understanding how to set ideal client criteria and only gain leads suiting these attributes is vital when selecting your ideal service.


Some services, like Lead Forensics and HubSpot help your team prioritize leads to ensure they only gain the best. This doesn’t just increase the quantity of leads gained, but also improves the quality, giving your team the highest chance of conversion. Increased lead quality promotes further sales success, and helps your team gain vital return on investment.


Other services help your team build a lead scoring model, assigning a value to leads generated based on their previous brand engagement and criteria including industry, furthering your team’s understanding of which leads to action quickly, and which can be left until later. If lead quality remains a challenge for your team, discovering the right lead generation service could provide the ultimate solution.


Plan your revenue attribution 


Attributing revenue to lead generation is a struggle for many marketers, but before investing in any new service, you need to be sure you can measure the return gained. If you’re in need of a channel specific service, this process doesn’t pose too many challenges. But if it’s a pipeline management tool you’re after, measuring how this directly impacts revenue may be tricky. 


When looking into lead generation services, take time to understand how you’ll measure ROI and what budget you can work with based on an expected return. If the service you seek carries an ongoing payment, look to understand how long you’ll be willing to work with the service in order to gain ROI, and how much return is needed to sustain certain contract lengths. Most businesses will be happy to discuss ROI with you, and help your team ensure you gain vital return. 


Plan to scale your targets


The ultimate goal of lead generation is business growth; as you produce new business opportunities that fuel revenue, your organization can continually expand. This means your lead generation targets should scale too! Before making a final decision on which lead generation service is right for your business, understand how your targets will scale over the next year. Will they increases rapidly, or climb steadily? Have you factored seasonal slumps into your scaled target plans? Can the services you’re investigating cope with your ideal target scale, and continue to work seamlessly as part of your process to produce consistent results? 


If you’re keen to discover an incredible lead generation service that offers your team accurate, insightful data for high-quality, engaged leads with an inbuilt CRM and pipeline management, you need Lead Forensics. Our ground-breaking software can identify the businesses visiting your website, providing contact details for key decision makers alongside advanced website analytics. With real time data for impactful lead follow-up, Lead Forensics can revolutionize your lead generation processes. Find out more- book your free demo today! 


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