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Clients reveal all about working with Lead Forensics and the impact it has had for their business

From start-ups to global enterprises, thousands of organisations are already reaping the benefits of working with us. From turbo-charging their lead generation, to transforming their sales funnels and generating a serious return on investment, we asked our customers to share more about their experiences of working with us and the impact it has had for their business.

The top 10 ways clients tell us they are benefiting

1. Achieve a fantastic ROI

When you’re a business and you make a purchase you want to know you will go on to achieve a good return on your investment. For many of our customers, the returns they generated have beaten all expectations, with a number finding the service had paid for itself within the first month.

Market intelligence experts, Barbour ABI, found that “after just a year we’ve already had a 3000% return from our investment in Lead Forensics, which is astonishing.”

The Scottish Business Awards managed to land a new client within ten minutes of turning Lead Forensics on, a sale worth £7500. By the end of the first month they had already seen an ROI of 2615%.

For interiors company Oktra it was a 10,856% return on investment, which they describe as “Truly fantastic.” And the tool has doubled app developer Sliced Breads’ lead funnel, with their biggest win to date being a top 100 UK law firm worth between £350,000 and £500,000.

2. Identify prospects early on with real time reports

The Scottish Business Awards say their team has been enabled to engage with people far earlier, in what can be a lengthy sales cycle. They are now able to see what companies looked at on their website, so they can seek out the relevant decision maker and make a timely call, tailored to their needs.

Lead Forensics visitor insights have allowed Barbour ABI’s sales team to access leads sooner, along with providing intelligence that means they understand their prospects’ needs. By tracking the businesses visiting the website, in just one year Barbour ABI say they have accelerated their lead generation activity, introducing around 1,000 prospects to the sales team for them to follow up.

3. Reveal the identity of anonymous visitors so no leads are ever missed

Lead Forensics identified businesses looking at Oktra’s website that the team were not aware of. These opportunities are now on their database and they can communicate with a wider, but relevant audience that are in the market for their services. They now say 50% of their leads come from Lead Forensics, which has been worth £500,000 to the company.

For app developer Sliced Bread, it’s not just about winning new clients but about forging long term relationships and providing lifetime value. The company knew that if they had visibility of all their web visitors, not just those that made an enquiry, then they could generate a fantastic amount of revenue for the business.

4. Gain valuable website usage insights

Survival technology experts, Survitec, needed to know what to do to encourage customers to interact better with their website. With Lead Forensics insights they were able to see that clients were visiting particular product pages and bouncing off as they couldn’t find what they were looking for. They redesigned their pages, reduced bounce rates and increased sales. Since the relaunch, website traffic has doubled and is growing month on month.

The Lead Forensics software gave furniture specialist, Wave Office, the visibility and insight needed to redesign their website to ensure every visit counted, even when visitors didn’t make an enquiry. PPC activity and landing pages were also overhauled based on insight provided by the tool.

5. The ability to completely tailor each sales call

Lead Forensics has enabled events company In2Events to identify which businesses have looked at their website, the pages they looked at and how long they spent on each page. This powerful insight means their sales team knows exactly what prospects are looking for before they pick up the phone. They are now able to prioritise new business opportunities based on the target audience and the services they can offer them.

For recruitment search agency, Keller Monroe, the level of detail Lead Forensics provides has enabled them to make extremely tailored sales calls, mirroring prospective clients’ requirements.

The insights gained from Lead Forensics have also allowed creative agency Fishfinger to prioritise leads they know are worth investing time in and to build stronger client relationships which has “saved time and money.”

6. Never need to make a cold call again

Before using Lead Forensics, the sales team at printing firm ABC Imaging were using data lists and cold calling businesses in order to try and win new business. This was time consuming and didn’t give them the results they needed. They now call companies within 20 minutes of them visiting their website to discuss their printing requirements. This has enabled them to reach that prospect much earlier in the sales cycle and before their competitors.

By using Lead Forensics to identify their anonymous website traffic and gain full access to their contact details, the team at S&B Commercials, the largest commercial Mercedes-Benz Van and Truck Dealer in the UK, can provide their sales team with a flow of piping hot leads. They now phone visitors to talk about their product, knowing that they are interested.

7. Supported a strategic and informed redesign of website

For creative agengy drpgroup their marketing goal was always to generate high quality, qualified new business leads. But their website lacked engagement and led to a shortage of inquiries. Although Google Analytics was being used to examine website traffic, it lacked the comprehensive analysis needed to measure the success of digital campaigns. Lead Forensics helped reveal why the site was losing traffic. They then used the information to shape a strategic redesign.

Carbon 360, which provides companies with a feedback solution, didn’t know which pages on their website were most powerful, which businesses were visiting their website and typically which job titles were searching for their services. Insight provided by Lead Forensics enabled Carbon 360 to see exactly what was and wasn’t working on their old website and led to the creation of a new site that reflected their customer needs.

8. Ability to pinpoint a customers’ journey

Based on the intelligence they’ve gained from Lead Forensics, Pi Datametrics now has visibility of which channels are driving the right types of traffic, and so can deliver content they know is relevant to their audience. In the first year of using Lead Forensics, traffic levels rose to 55,000 per month – an increase of over 350%.

S&B Commercials had invested heavily in various marketing tactics such as PPC and email marketing. They found that although their website traffic had increased, they were not celebrating the flood of enquiries they expected. They found that 80-90% of traffic looked around and then left. With Lead Forensics insights they can now focus less on implementing new marketing channels, and instead focus on converting the traffic they already have. They felt there was a blind spot and that Lead Forensics has helped fill the gap.

9. Spotting opportunities to upsell and grow existing business

Printers Pinksheep say one of the most powerful features of Lead Forensics is that it tells them when existing clients come to the website. They are notified and can then make a timely call, with a great excuse to introduce other products to them.

Thanks to Lead Forensics, Sliced Bread quickly identified that both prospects and existing clients were visiting their website. This data has provided both new business and opportunities to upsell. With detailed insights about what existing clients were looking at on their website, the team could talk to clients about these services and identify if a client is genuinely interest in a new project.

10. Gain a clear edge over competitors

Overall, one of the biggest advantages customers have found is that they have actionable data that can be turned into real results. Sales reps can make calls to coincide with a website visit that happened in the last 20 minutes. This has given them a clear edge over competitors.

Pinksheep say they have been given a strong competitive edge as Lead Forensics tells them when a visitor has left, giving them a second chance to get in touch before a potential competitor – according to the company that means they are leaps and bounds ahead of their competitors.

What the feedback reveals is that the data we can provide for our customers has supported both their lead generation and the tailoring of sales pitches – which is something that ranks highly among them. Previously, many customers had been using cold calling methods, which took up a lot of time and effort with no guarantee of any success. Now they can create contact lists with companies who have actually been to their website. Then before the sales team picks up the phone they can analyse who that company is, how they could benefit from the product/service, find out who the decision makers are and what they might be interested in by knowing what webpages have been looked at.

Another recurring theme is the help that Lead Forensics data has given customers when it comes to the redesign, or full relaunch, of a website. By analysing exits and bounces, many have been helped to see what content they need to concentrate on to guide visitors along the customer journey. The insights have help teams pinpoint the exact customer journey enabling them to develop their website on all levels, including usability and providing more relevant content.

Many customers also highlight the value they have found in being able to check how their existing clients are using their website. This has enabled them to spot opportunities to upsell and given them insights that have been used to help strengthen existing client relationships.

Every website has visitors and while tools like Google Analytics can provide some information, they are about numbers not details. But with Lead Forensics data a whole new world of information suddenly becomes available.


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