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Closing deals in the current climate

Best-in-class sales teams should all be working towards one common goal — closing the deal. For B2B teams, this isn’t always simple. And, as we all adjust to working remotely and learn to overcome some of the challenges this presents, B2B sales reps are faced with a few more difficulties than usual. We understand — there’s an immense pressure to hit targets, drive revenue and complete sales, but with such a crucial change to the working environment, it can be difficult to secure a win. We’ve pulled together some helpful insight to help you focus on the close, keep your sales pipeline topped with engaged leads, and adapt your processes to work with decision-makers in the current climate.

Getting past the gatekeeper

Too often, sales reps think of the gatekeeper as someone who is standing in their way. To build stronger professional relationships and protect your reputation, the gatekeeper needs to trust and respect you. Think about it this way — you’ll never close the deal if you can’t speak to the right person. And, any negative interactions you’ve had with their employees could jeopardize your reputation and, in turn, the opportunity. A remote working environment dramatically impacts the gatekeeper’s role — and, now more than ever, your key decision-makers are sitting at their desks. With fewer meetings, no events or conferences, and even a little more headspace, your chances of being put through have gone up. Use this to your advantage!

Prioritize, reassure, and focus on the close

Typically, quality over quantity is an expression to live by. And, when it comes to B2B sales, this is the case. In uncertain times, you need to put your business first. Prioritize high-value leads that are likely to convert — listen out for buying signs, ask the right questions, and ensure leads are properly qualified before reaching out. Start with high-value opportunities that meet your buyer criteria, and work your way down to those that are less likely to convert. Remember to communicate with your marketing team to ensure you have appropriate content and messaging to nurture leads that are a little further behind. In these uncertain times, your focus needs to be on closing the sale rather than upselling or cross-selling. Remind your prospects of the value you provide — and don’t add to any existing doubts they may have.

Never stop prospecting

Generating sales leads should be an ongoing part of your strategy. It’s clear there’s some confusion around whether lead generation falls under marketing or sales — but as we work remotely, it’s never been more important to align teams and work together like a well-oiled machine. Marketers will likely be upping the ante on their lead generation efforts to help fit a remote working environment, but that doesn’t mean other teams can’t also help. For sales reps, this could be exploring how to get sales leads without cold calling — perhaps through social selling, referrals or making use of innovative website tracking technology to help make the lead generation process a little easier.  

Be sensitive to the circumstances and find the right balance

When it comes to B2B sales, patience is a crucial skill. We talk a lot about complicated buyer journeys, but the reality is that it is still your buyer’s decision. While you can support them with content, provide the reassurance they need, personalize their experience and tailor your offers, even the very best sales person can’t win every time. In the current climate, it’s no surprise that buyers are hesitant and taking a little longer to make business decisions. In times of uncertainty, it can be hard to say yes to large investments — which B2B products and services typically are.

It’s vital to find the right balance — just because a lead doesn’t convert quickly, it doesn’t mean they’re not interested. So, build a rapport with your prospect. Ask them about their current business goals and priorities — and learn about their fears, frustrations and how they’ve been impacted by the situation at hand. Consider adjusting your approach, focus your efforts on prospects that are a little closer to making a conversion, and keep more hesitant leads in your pipeline ready for a future follow-up. But remember, knowing when to let go of a lead that isn’t going to convert is equally as important.

Lead Forensics is an innovative B2B sales software that transforms your B2B website into a hub of engaged leads. It works by utilizing intelligent reverse IP tracking software and a global leading database of business IP addresses to track your website visitors, reveal their identity and notify you in real-time. Users are provided with the business name, contact details of key decision-makers and detailed visitor journeys outlining the time spent on your site. This way, marketers and sales reps have everything they need to reach out to the right person, with the right information at the right time. Book your Lead Forensics demonstration today!


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