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Creating and leading successful conversations: a guide for B2B service sellers

Once a lead has been generated, it’s time for the sales team to take to center-stage and convert those nurtured leads into customers. However, it’s not uncommon for leads to drop out of the sales pipeline at this time. So, every conversation counts. Caliper discovered that as many as 55% of salespeople don’t have the right skills to be successful — that’s more than half of us lacking what we need to convert prospects into customers through the power of conversation. Don’t fret — our in-house sales experts have compiled the tips you need to help you transform your results and secure success.

Avoid these mistakes to ensure you don’t lose a sale

Missing out on a sale can happen fast — and for a number of different reasons. So, it’s crucial to do everything you can to ensure missed opportunities are few and far-between.

  • Lacking the answers: Potential buyers will inevitably have questions; and fumbling for answers can make them lose interest pretty quickly. Remember, their time is just as valuable as yours — you need to treat it that way.
  • Speaking over the customer: Of course, you’ll want to share how great your product is, but your customer wants to be heard, too. By listening, rather than just speaking, you gain a critical understanding of their wants, needs and interests.
  • Losing control of the conversation: Listening is vital, but enabling the customer to lead or run away with the conversation can move you further away from your product — making it difficult to get back on track. Start with a clear goal, try guiding the conversation by challenging their objections and using your expertise.
  • Interrogation: When it comes to asking questions, you need to strike a balance. Conducting research before your call eliminates the need for qualifying questions, saves time, and enables you to ask the all-important questions right away.
  • Selling features not benefits: You know your product inside-out, but your prospect doesn’t need to be sold on its features. Always showcase the benefits.
  • Instant discounts: Potential customers can sense when you doubt your products’ worth. Pricing discussions should always revolve around the value.
  • Desperation: You have quotas to meet and a timescale to meet them in, but letting that take over can make you come across as desperate.

Recognizing how these traits can negatively impact your sales is the first step to maximizing the success of your sales pitches and converting those leads.

How to improve your sales techniques

It’s all about the conversation. So, how can B2B service sellers improve the quality of what they’re saying to turbocharge results?

Consultative Selling

B2B buyers have the ability to conduct research at scale and compare a multitude of companies before reaching out, which is why a consultative approach is valuable.

Listening skills and empathy will prove that you are there to figure out how best to help them achieve their goals, and more importantly, how your product can help them achieve their goals. This will help foster a strong relationship and open up a valuable dialogue.

Trust is vital

Trust is the foundation of success in sales. It’s simple: your buyers will not buy from someone they do not trust. HubSpot found that only 19% of customers trust salespeople. Therefore, it is important to make prospects aware that you have their best interests at heart, and that you are genuine.

A connection with a prospect will only form if you treat them as humans. And, if you promise to do something, make sure you follow through with that.

Research is crucial

Understanding who you are talking to will dramatically change your conversations. This means understanding them beyond the company they work for. Conducting thorough research couldn’t be easier — and it’ll give you have the ability to provide at least one solution tailored to them. Only 13% of customers believe a salesperson can understand their needs, so identify what keeps your buyer awake at night and stand out from the crowd by prioritizing research.

Plan to succeed

Plan your sales calls and compile your notes to make sure you know exactly how to handle each prospect. An effective CRM can help here — ensuring all information is in a centralized hub and avoiding any repetition. Organization will improve confidence, which can be heard by your prospect during your conversation. By being prepared for each conversation, you are more likely to succeed.

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