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Ensure your Demand Generation success with these best practices

Demand generation is the process of getting potential customers interested in your business. It helps you nurture leads, develops relationships, creates brand awareness and enhances your reputation. Essentially, it is a term used to describe all the ways in which your organization gets noticed — for the right reasons. When it comes to generating interest in your business, there are a few things you must ensure you do to execute your strategy effectively. After all, those reading your content, visiting your website and engaging with your brand are potential leads that will — hopefully — turn into customers. Start by getting to know your audience — find out who they are, what content they are interested in, and where they spend time online. Then, implement a strategy that will get them to see, trust and engage with your business. Discover these five best practice tips that will help you execute demand generation effectively.

Sales and marketing alignment: the ultimate in effective communication

Demand generation marketing can be a time-consuming job. And, after nurturing potential customers and turning them into leads, discovering that they are not converting can be frustrating. According to SalesHub, 95% of buyers purchase from someone who provided content at every stage of the buyer journey. For this to work, all of your teams — from demand generation through to marketing and sales — need to be fully aligned and working towards the same goals. By aligning your sales and marketing teams, you improve the quality and accuracy of the lead nurturing process, ensuring that potential customers are receiving what they need at each stage of their journey. For the ultimate alignment, you need to introduce measurable goals, accurate data and platform that allows for an ‘everything under one roof’ approach. Discover how Lead Forensics can help your marketing and sales departments work coherently with Lead Manager. Track, assign and monitor leads, nurturing them appropriately through the sales funnel.

Introduce a lead scoring model

According to Gleanster Research, only a quarter of marketing-generated leads are typically high enough quality to immediately advance to sales. The ones that are not ready need to continue to be nurtured with content and strong brand awareness. Introducing a clear lead qualification process will help ensure that every potential customer that makes their way to sales is a good fit for your product. This could include developing a buyer persona — outlining the size, industry and turnover of businesses, as well as the seniority of potential buyers, that is necessary to qualify them as leads. And, you should introduce a lead scoring model — the more a prospect engages with your brand, content or website, the higher their score. Lead Forensics users will gain detailed website visitor user journeys so they can discover what their visitors are looking at, for how long, and how often. This helps marketers determine whether a visitor has a genuine interest and the likelihood of them converting to a lead or customer.

Position yourself as a thought leader with content marketing

Each piece of content should have a goal or objective that closely aligns with your own marketing strategies. Consider developing a content marketing strategy to ensure consistency and relevance across the board. According to Red Rocket Creative, almost half of B2B buyers look at 3-5 pieces of content before making a purchase. So, never disregard the importance of high-quality inbound marketing materials and demand generation activities. B2B decision-makers in particular value educational content, insightful blog posts, video marketing, a strong social presence and more. Content puts your brand at the forefront of potential customers’ minds, even when they are not looking to buy, and it can be used throughout their entire journey. Lead Forensics notifies users in real-time, so demand generation marketers can supply, post and send content to specific audience members at just the right time. And, content can be reused to the same effect further down the funnel by sales representatives when existing customers or current pipeline visit your website.

SEO helps build trust

According to Crazy Egg, SEO can drive a 14.6% conversion rate if done right. So, it is crucial not to leave it out of your marketing strategy. A high-ranking website makes your brand more discoverable and puts you one step ahead of your competitors. It gives you the search engine’s stamp of approval, reminding your potential website visitors that you are trusted, established and worth a visit. Discover more about the importance of SEO and learn why you need to get to the top. Outline keywords, include them in your blog posts and upload content regularly. Ensure your website is up-to-date, fast to load and user friendly. Include a mix of free, accessible content as well as gated content to help with both demand generation and leads. Each element of your site will help users make decisions about your brand, so make it count! Use Lead Forensics to gain insight into user journeys — and use the information to help make informed choices about your website. Make changes to the pages that see users exit fast, and be prepared to spend time, money and effort creating a site that captures leads effectively.

Embrace marketing automation

Marketing technology can futureproof your processes — demand generation included. Find out more about how software can help you streamline your business. From automating time-consuming processes and eliminating human error to improve consistency and enhancing ROI, embracing technology is often the key to demand generation success. Marketing activity drives users to your website, but what happens when they get there? Lead Forensics is a lead generation software that notifies users of website visitors in real-time and provides them with access to contact details of key decision-makers from that business. And, users can see the journey that website visitors have been on, giving them valuable insight into what they are interested in. This way, marketers can reach out to prospects with content that meets their needs, and salespeople can make timely and impactful follow up calls. Supercharge your lead generation with Lead Forensics and request a free trial today.


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