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Demand generation campaigns that can boost your business

Generating demand for your business is pivotal to your organization’s overall success. The more people trust, engage with and become aware of your brand, the better chance you have of converting leads and winning new business. But, how exactly do you do it? There are numerous demand generation tactics to choose from — and the best strategies include multiple methods. Essentially, your demand generation activities should align with your wider digital marketing strategy, and help you meet your business objectives. After all, creating demand is about raising awareness and establishing brand authority — so your message and aims should be seamless across all digital touchpoints. Let’s explore how B2B organizations can boost their business with effective demand generation campaigns.

What are demand generation campaigns?

Everything you do that helps paint your business in a positive light, gets your name ‘out there’, or draws users back to your website can be considered as demand generation. Each demand generation campaign should support a wider business, marketing or lead generation goal. Create high-quality assets and eBooks and run an informative B2B blog as part of a content marketing strategy. This positions you as a thought leader, makes educational content accessible and helps establish brand authority. Consider your discoverability — how easy is it to find your website? Implement an SEO strategy to help improve your search engine rankings. Use the correct keywords, ensure your website is fast-loading and up-to-date, and full of regularly posted content. Your content strategy will help with this.
To ensure the awareness you are raising has the chance to develop into leads, you need to have a strong online presence. Discover where your audience spends time online — whether that be Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram — and implement a social media marketing plan to support this. Drive traffic to your website, link to relevant content and put customer experience first, with each and every post. Don’t forget to include a digital advertising budget, too — whether that is targeting social media audiences, running pay-per-click campaigns or building relationships with affiliates and influencers. Consider outlining SMART objectives to ensure every campaign has a specific aim, is achievable and can be measured.

How demand generation can impact your brand

Effective demand generation can do wonders for your brand. This makes perfect sense — all demand generation campaigns have an underlying aim to improve how your customers see your organization. For example, CMI found that 71% of marketers found content marketing increases engagement. And, the Demand Gen Report also discovered that almost half of buyers consume up to 5 pieces of content before speaking to a sales representative. If you want to develop an engaged brand following, then quality content can impact your business in a big way. The more accessible content you have created, the more informed potential buyers become — helping to enhance loyalty and position you as the ‘go-to’ solution for their industry.
According to Crazy Egg, SEO can drive a 14.6% conversion rate. So, do not dismiss the power of the search engine stamp of approval! Almost three quarters of buyers head straight to Google during their research stage, according to Pardot. The higher up you appear, the more trusted you become, and the easier your organization is to find. This will increase your traffic, and in turn, your opportunities to convert leads. And, according to Ambassador, 71% of those who have a good social media experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others. By simply putting customers first, being reactive and posting about subjects that matter to your target audience, social media can be a truly effective tool to raise brand awareness and get yourself a great reputation.

Using demand generation to boost your business

The better your demand generation efforts, the better quality your leads. After all, the goal is to transform demand into leads. As marketers, the aim should be to ensure potential customers are landing on your website, engaging with content and trust your brand enough to make an inquiry. This is the perfect opportunity to ensure that your sales pipeline is fueled with warm leads that have been nurtured, have a clear understanding of your brand and product, and are likely or able to convert. Introducing a lead scoring model can help you assess and qualify leads early, meaning only the highest-quality leads are passed over to the sales team. This wastes less time and ensures that sales representatives are spending time nurturing and following-up qualified leads.
Demand generation content is a crucial part of the lead nurturing process — and nurtured leads go on to become the most valuable customers. Ensure your sales team is sending relevant content to prospects at all stages of the pipeline. It can also be extremely helpful to ensure sales and marketing alignment. Outlining a clear buyer persona from the outset will ensure all teams are on the same page — boosting your leads and enhancing your sales funnel. Implementing effective marketing automation software to help manage these processes can supercharge your business further — ensuring no lead is lost or missed. Customer experience is so crucial to the overall purchase decision, so ensuring all teams work together as a well-oiled machine to nurture leads through the sales pipeline, from initial demand to existing customers, is a must.
Lead Forensics is a lead generation software that helps B2B organizations generate high-quality leads from their website. The software works by alerting users of their website visitors in real-time, so sales teams can strike while the iron is hot. Thanks to a leading global database of IP addresses, users will be notified of the organizations visiting their website and gain access to decision-maker contact details so your teams can reach the right person at just the right time. Users will also gain access to detailed visitor journeys, enabling them to see exactly what the visitor is looking for and tailor their approach for the ultimate personalized pitch. Fuel your team with engaged leads and maximize your B2B website. Discover a bounty of leads and book your free Lead Forensics demonstration today.


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