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Digital content marketing: 20 must-do tips for excellent lead generation

In B2B marketing, both content and digital channels offer great strategy and reliable results, but the time has come to shake up the marketing mix, and push them to new heights. When working together as a united channel with a combined strategy, digital content marketing can not only increase brand awareness and credibility, but also contribute hugely to new business lead generation. Read on to discover the must-dos when constructing an effective digital content marketing strategy, ensuring it brings you the incredible results you want, and helps you get more customers!


First things first, what precisely do we mean by “digital content marketing”? It is very simply, the combination of content and digital marketing tactics. Content marketing aims to generate brand awareness and interest by offering your business audience something of value, often in the form of an asset (blog/whitepaper/info-graphic) in exchange for contact details. If needed, leads are then nurtured further with valuable assets until they’re ready to speak to your sales team. Digital marketing covers a broad amount of platforms including SEO, PPC, and social media; it can reach further than any other channel, with the whole internet as its playground. So let’s get these channels together for ultimate B2B marketing success!


1) Sort your content SEO


The first thing to do when combining these channels is address where they naturally merge, in the form of content SEO. When content is created and featured on web-pages (usually blogs), these need be keyword optimized to boost SEO- then they’ll be easier to find, gain more visitors and have a better chance of conversion. Ensure your content is packed full of relevant keywords, without compromising the important, valuable messages and information featured. Why not work on a keyword audit? Assessing if you’ve chosen the best keywords for digital content marketing, and ensuring they’re well featured (especially on asset landing pages). It’s the perfect conversation to get digital and content teams together, discussing cross-channel benefits.


2) Get automated


It’s no secret that the world of B2B marketing is getting more automated by the day, and why shouldn’t it?! Automation saves time, money and resources, whilst also giving back a great ROI. And as technologies advance, it’s not just communications you can automate- you can even automate result reporting, discovering campaign performance at a glance. This stops your digital and content teams spending time with their heads stuck in reports, and puts time aside for them to work together, benefiting that all-important lead generation!


3) Nail your workflows


To get the most out of automation for digital content marketing, create workflows to automate specific communications and actions in response to what your warm leads do. Combining these channels will help your content reach much further, so you’ll gain more warm leads than ever before, but to effectively nurture them, you need to always offer them something valuable. So give them what they want by responding to what they’ve already engaged with- it’s fool-proof! Remember- though workflow set-up may seem time-expensive, it will be so worth it when you can leave it to do the hard work for you.


4) Plan a conversion strategy


So thanks to digital content marketing, we’re getting more warm leads, and they’re seeing the content they want. But now we need to convert them, so they come forward and say “Yes! Let me speak to sales!” (Or something like that!) This is where that digital marketing knowledge can help out. As a channel, digital teams need to convert leads quickly with a small, limited word count to get that “yes!”- so take a leaf from their book and perfect your calls to action. Create a conversion strategy to pull those warm leads over the line, including tactics such as trigger emails, banner ads and gated content sections.


5) Get the best data


Digital content marketing is a great place to really show off your product, why it’s so brilliant and why you’re the best, so you want to make sure it’s filled with the best data (especially when using intricate workflows). And the best data has already expressed an interest in your product, and matches your buyer persona- sounds like a dream right? But it’s possible with Lead Forensics. Our ground-breaking lead generation software identifies your anonymous business website traffic, providing contact details for key decision makers, ready for you to turn into clients! Book your free software demo and learn more here.


6) Do your research


A digital content marketing strategy done well allows more people to discover your brand with ease and find your best content, so make sure that content is relevant to what your audience want! Optimizing copy for SEO is just part one, for people to follow through and click on your website, you need to be publishing what they’re looking for, especially solutions to their pain points, opportunities for their business and predictions/trends to help their future strategies. Do your research, know what’s hot right now, and respond to it!


7) Put mobile first


We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again! Mobile first is VERY important. In a B2B marketing strategy that not only features internet search (50% of which happen on a mobile), but also includes many different formats of content- it’s imperative to make sure everything is mobile friendly. Every asset needs to fit small touch screens perfectly, every page needs to load quickly and seeing your call to action should be the easiest thing of all!


8) Give video a chance


We know video is tricky for many as it requires some specific skills, and some haven’t seen the results they want from it in the past, but we can’t ignore the fact that more people than ever before would choose video above other mediums to learn new information, and over 95% of millennials are happy to stop what they’re doing to watch a video.  It’s the perfect content medium to boost digital platforms, and every year the power of video marketing increases- especially on social media, so give it a go!


9) Audit your contact forms


This is a big element holding many back from great digital content marketing- the contact form. The longer the form, the less leads you get- plain and simple. So don’t ask for LOADS of info- people just won’t fill it out, especially if they just want to receive your blog updates once a week. Start small and just get the essential basics- you can always ask for more details later, especially if they’re asking for more info about your product. Almost 80% of B2B professionals are happy to provide their name and email in exchange for content they deem relevant and useful, so don’t lose out on those great leads because of a contact form!


10) Respond instantly


In the world of B2B marketing, response time is everything. When someone searches one of your keywords, discovers your brand and checks out a blog- you’ll want to make sure you don’t lose that lead! Try Lead Forensics- our ability to identify anonymous website traffic allows you to know the business name and contact details for that engaged visitors. Revolutionize your new business lead generation, and get there before your competitors even get close! Book your free demo here… 


11) Rally the troops


The digital world is huge, but its reach broadens tenfold when you consider the digital reach of your whole team. The best brand advocates are sat right in front of you- literally! Rally your teams together and ask if they’re happy to share some content on their social channels, especially their LinkedIn. The little things make a huge difference- you’ll be surprised how much this can do for lead generation. And hey- it helps your teams business network broaden too, what’s not to like?



12) Balance copy and graphics


We mean this in more ways than one. Whether creating content or calls to action, ensure the quality of copy and graphics is level. If one of them is outstanding, and the other poor, it will hinder your performance (yes even if the copy is the best thing ever- it won’t matter!). We also mean this in terms of format- B2B buyers like to be engaged with both copy and graphics, so ensure you publish a mixture of copy based assets and graphics focus resources- they both work for lead generation, but work best in balance.


13) Maximize on social media


It’s no secret that social media is coming up through the B2B marketing ranks as a strong performer in lead generation, but when combined with content, it can bring outstanding results. Look to group forums on Facebook and LinkedIn, they’re pre-made networks of your perfect clients! So introduce yourself and share some content. Don’t ask for anything, just give something to the business community. Grow on this, share more content and you’ll see them approach you with interest. It’s been found that of all social media conversions, over 86.3% of them stem from group sharing and involvement- so get into it!


14) Don’t churn


This is the biggest trap you can fall into when pushing a strong digital content strategy. It’s so easy to just churn out the same stuff over and over, especially when working to strict numbers and deadlines. Whether that’s PPC ads, social media posts or content assets, don’t let yourself fall into this trap. Try running a campaign calendar, theming each quarter or month to keep topics fresh and exciting. By all means, return to previous successes, but don’t just copy and paste them, keep it current and impactful!


15) Know your current audience


There’s one sure-fire way to build a digital content marketing strategy that works, and that’s to know who you’re engaging well, and who you aren’t. Who is looking at your content? Who is responding to your SEO? Know that, and you’ll understand your B2B marketing on a whole new level. Lead Forensics not only identifies anonymous website traffic, it also offers in-depth website analytics, including a breakdown of your most visiting industries and popular pages. You’ll soon know if your marketing efforts are properly effective. Find out more here.


16) Prepare for the waiting game


Remember, good SEO takes time to take full effect. You may go through all of your blogs, and want to know if it worked right now, but you’re just going to have to strap yourself in for the waiting game. It will be worth it- we promise, but don’t make the mistake of rushing to change things when they’re probably working just fine! When optimizing for SEO- think long term.


17) Don’t get ahead of yourself


As with any strategy, you need to analyse results and take responsive action. In content creation this can be forgotten. It’s so easy to just create loads of content in one go so you’ve got it all done for the next few months, but this becomes dangerous as you have no idea if what you’ve done will remain popular, remain effective and remain exciting (Top tip- it probably won’t). So don’t get ahead of yourself with content creation.


18) Help your earned media


Though a digital content marketing strategy remains online, its power to influence the offline shouldn’t be ignored. Earned media is created by generating a positive word-of-mouth buzz around your brand and your product, but of course, you have no direct control over it. What digital content marketing allows you to do is help boost your earned media, giving more people that valuable content, and improving the reception of your brand. Keep earned media in mind when planning digital content marketing strategy, as it takes time to build up, but can be lost in seconds.


19) Be an industry leader


When creating any marketing campaign, but especially when creating content, see yourself as an industry leader, sharing knowledge and expertise. You may need to do some more research and get your facts in check, but if you don’t exude a sense of professionalism and expertise, you won’t come across as the industry leaders- and would you invest in the second of third best on the market? Probably not…


20) Get Lead Forensics


There’s no doubt about it, Lead Forensics can help you master the art of new business lead generation, through content and digital marketing individually and together. Over 50,000 B2B marketing and sales professionals use the software daily, to identify their anonymous website visitors and gain accurate contact details for the visiting businesses and key decision makers. With detailed visit breakdown and website analysis, leads can be called instantly with an impactful tailored approach. Generate more high-quality leads and get more customers- book your free demo today! 


Free guide – Why not discover how a multi-channel approach can revolutionize your search for new business leads and bring you the best results. Download Effective multi-channel models for marketing and sales for free today!


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