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Enhancing your sales performance in 2021

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.” – Robert Collier, author

According to 99 Firms, as many as three quarters of businesses say their top priority is closing more deals — with funnel efficiency (48%), reducing sales cycles (32%) and sales tech investment (27%) also listed among top priorities. For B2B sales teams, delivering successful results in 2021 is a must. Whether you struggled through 2020 or had your best year ever, sales leaders all over the world have learned a number of valuable lessons; from motivating yourself and your team in a remote working environment and maximizing existing client relationships to embracing new, innovative sales tech and ensuring the ability to be agile.

Let’s take a look at how to ensure a strong sales performance in 2021 and beyond.


A change in the way we all sell

Successful B2B sellers should already be used to niche markets, smaller lead pools than their B2C counterparts, and the growing demand for a personalized selling approach. Ahead of 2021, we must prepare to face these challenges at scale — and be ready for new and unfamiliar challenges to arise. With more potential uncertainty, customer expectations at an all-time high, and more digital competition than ever before, things aren’t going to be easy and every industry will have its own unique set of challenges to face. This isn’t about fear; instead, it’s about ensuring a ‘buyer first’ strategy, working closely with the wider business to align goals and develop contingency plans, and making sure data-driven decisions are at the heart of your strategy to secure the best results.

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Selling the ‘why’

When you have sales and lead generation targets to hit, it’s easy to get blind-sided by numbers, prices and time-frames. While these things are important to you and your team, you need to remember to take a walk in your buyer’s shoes. Would it be more beneficial for them to hear what your product does in great detail; a list of its complicated features, and hordes of industry-specific jargon? Or, would they find more value in knowing that you recognize their specific industry challenges, and have identified how your product or service can help with them? Instead of selling the ‘what’ with a focus on hitting your own targets, think about selling the ‘why’ to build rapport, add value, and show that you care.

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Competing with Amazon: how to embrace online selling

According to Statista, Amazon’s share of the US eCommerce marketplace is 45%. And, what’s more, hourly Amazon sales equate to more than $17 million. If you thought competition was tough before, the huge increase in online buying throughout 2020 and the introduction of Amazon Business means it’s tougher than ever before. The rising demand for B2B eCommerce is clear; and while not every business or sales person is ready to sell entirely online, that’s where a large part of your strategy needs to be. Start by assessing your website; are you able to offer online purchases? Have you included Live Chat or AI to enable real-time engagement? Do you have a way to capture visitor data on arrival? Then, consider your online selling tactics, whether that be effective email nurture campaigns or social selling.

Designing a seamless sales tech stack

According to Membrain, the average number of sales tools used by organizations has increased. This makes perfect sense when we learn that most organizations are spending more on technology and sales enablement tool usage is up 567%. Consider applying this insight to any purchase decisions ahead of next year. What do you need to add to your sales technology stack to streamline processes, enhance results, boost customer experience, and boost ROI? Identify key areas that need a boost — and opt for the software that will help you with these areas. Remember to consider integrations and ROI before making your decision.

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