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Essential generation strategies for your business

Hasna Mashoor, Thursday 6 June 2019
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Lead generation remains a fundamental process, enabling business success. Identifying and capturing new business opportunities can be tough, especially when competing against other organizations or types of product. Your lead generation strategy needs to stand out, quickly grab audience attention and encourage conversion- but this is easier said than done. Use these essential strategies to revolutionize your lead generation approach for advanced business success.

1) Use data segmentation for email marketing


Email marketing continues to deliver lead generation results. After over two decades, this strategy continually moves from strength to strength. However, as technology advances, business buyers have started to expect more from marketing. 86% of business buyers will no longer respond to a marketing communication unless it uses their name. To generate leads with email marketing, you need a new approach.


To bring your email marketing in alignment with modern buyer expectation, introduce data segmentation. This approach will categorize your data sets before a campaign to better customize your email marketing. Depending on the quality of your data and the fields available, you can deliver a large-scale email marketing campaign delivering messages that appear individual for each recipient.


Using this approach, you can customize an email to include the name and business name of recipients (which we know has become an essential!) along with additional detail such as their industry, business size, or even their use case for your product/services. This takes advanced planning and a high-end email sending platform but is completely possible, and something you should embrace if you want to achieve high-quality lead generation.


As our buyers start to crave personalized marketing approaches clearly depicting care and thought from the sender, the need for data segmentation has become fundamental. The sooner you adopt this strategy, the easier you’ll adapt to future advancements.


2) Blog regularly to become a thought leader

Business blogging is a strategy that has been around for some time but continues to prove itself essential. 96% of business buyers now crave insight and content created by thought leaders. Buyers want advice and expertise from industry leaders, so give them this advice and make yourself an industry leader!


Once your business has gained a status of thought leadership, others will instantly treat your guidance with credibility, spread your message and understand the value of your product. Thought leadership doesn’t just drive improved lead generation but additionally benefits lead qualityboosting sales success and average order value.


Blogging is a great way to drive thought leadership. It keeps your website fuelled with fresh and current content, boosts your SEO and drives the desired conversion from both new leads and leads already in your pipeline. B2B organizations who publish a blog at least eight times a month double their overall lead generation success. These fundamental assets help more people discover your brand, heightens the trustworthy and expert image of your team and drives the most successful lead generation strategies.


3) Focus on landing pages

Lead generation has many aspects that your business must consider, but the most important is conversion. Whilst this process aims to grab prospect attention and build product value, it’s all been for nothing without that essential conversion driving new business opportunities into your pipeline. To achieve a healthy conversion (and by extension, and successful lead generation strategy), you need to focus on your landing pages.


There are several elements you need to be aware of here. First is the design of your landing page, depicting the look and message. This page is created purely to drive conversion- don’t distract your prospects with unnecessary information or multiple CTAs for content downloads. Keep it focused, clear and effective. Take time to identify the ultimate landing page formula, running regular A/B split tests to learn which elements offer the highest rates of conversion.


Secondly, it’s important to understand how many landing pages you’ll have. Whilst you may settle on one landing page design if you only have one landing page, how will you correctly attribute leads from different campaigns? How will you ensure the landing page information aligns with the campaign it stems from?


Businesses with over 40 landing pages generate 1200% more leads than those with less than 5. Multiple landing pages may take some time to organize but offer your team invaluable data insight into lead behaviors and promote multiple opportunities for experimentation and diversity. Look to the current software solutions and strategies feeding your landing pages and ask how you can kick-start this key aspect of your lead generation approach.


4) Keep an offline presence


94% of B2B buyer journeys start online, but we should never rule out the importance of certain offline approaches. The best lead generation strategies balance online and offline techniques to deliver an effective multi-channel approach, which has been proven to capture a wider number of potential buyers.


Event marketing and telecommunications bring a new dimension to your lead generation approach, as decision makers sometimes find it easier to trust communications that stem from these channels. Seeing someone face to face or hearing their voice over the phone makes your team more “real” and can work well in combination with online methods.


It takes an average of 35 encounters with a new brand to start a purchasing journey. These encounters need to balance a myriad of approaches- 35 emails won’t effectively generate a high number of leads! However, following an email campaign up with a call, or seeking out a valuable social media marketing prospect at an event can help revolutionize lead generation approaches. These approaches may take a little longer to execute and can carry a heightened cost but will help to generate an increased number of leads and additionally establish a stronger brand-lead relationship.


5) Update your website


Offline is important, but your website is simply essential to business success. Almost every marketing effort comes back to your website, and should a potential buyer want to access information surrounding your brand and product, this is their first port of call. To deliver the most effective lead generation strategy, your website needs to be up to date and perfectly catered to your lead audience.


Updating your website can be a lengthy process, especially if it’s been some time since your last website audit. As with your landing pages, there’s much to consider here, from website design and navigation to functionality and optimization. Consider what you want to achieve with your website, and how you want this paramount asset to benefit your lead generation approach. With a goal in mind, you can better understand what website aspects need updating, and what resources you’ll need to properly carry out this process.


Whether you need to outsource certain tasks, or you have an expert in-house team ready, it’s key to ensure you understand precisely what you want to achieve. It’s easy to lose direction and purpose when working to improve your business website, as there are so many elements to consider. Take your time and keep focused. Once your website is properly optimized to drive improved lead generation results, you’ll see a huge lift in success across the board. But remember to audit regularly. The technological world is always changing, your website will need to consistently evolve to match it.


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