Generate new business leads with Lead Forensics

Generate new business leads

Generate new business leads

Reverse IP tracking eliminates the need for on-site conversions, form-fills and inquiries — enabling every user to transform their website into a hub of brand new business leads. As many as 96% of your website visitors leave without a trace, according to Marketo; and effective website visitor identification technology, like Lead Forensics, tells you exactly who they are.

Lead Forensics is the world’s leading technology for website lead generation; a must-have for businesses looking to generate a seamless flow of potentially hot opportunities into their business. It’s simple. After adding a small code to your website, our innovative reverse IP tracking technology identifies your business website visitors by their IP address. Alone, an IP address can’t tell you a lot. But when paired with the global-leading proprietary database of matched business IP data, the business name is revealed — even if they don’t inquire. Plus, with an ever-growing database of decision-maker contact details and firmographic information, your previously anonymous B2B website visitors are turned instantly into actionable leads.

Users are notified of the visitor in real-time — and with detailed website analytics and on-site visitor behavior at your fingertips, you’ll be able to reach out with the most relevant information when your visitors are at their most engaged: while they’re still exploring your site.

Remember, as many as 92% of first-time website visitors arent there to make a purchase, according to Episerver. Lead Forensics ensures you don’t miss out — and, with seamless marketing automation and CRM integration, the nurturing possibilities are endless.

The benefits of Lead Forensics for the lead generation process

Discover customers you never know you had

Uncover previously hidden opportunities you would have otherwise never know about, directly from your website, and generate a bounty of new leads for the top of your sales pipeline.


Maximize ROI from your marketing strategy

Capture website visitors from each and every marketing venture — from paid-for campaigns and search engine ads to social media posts and content creation — to instantly maximize ROI.

Generate actionable leads and unlock revenue

More opportunities leads to an increase in revenue. With lead generation software, every lead is actionable and comes with the accurate, enriched data you need to engage and convert.

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      Experience turbo-charged lead generation with a free trial.
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