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Give your brand image the ultimate boost with B2B marketing that excels

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In this video, I’m going to talk you through how to give your brand the ultimate boost with B2B marketing that excels.
Business identity built with strong branding is vital for success.
It’s no wonder that 90% of buyers expect their brand experience to be similar across all platforms and devices!
But, keeping a united brand image across every B2B marketing channel remains a business pain-point for many.
Your brand image is the impression and identity that your product holds in the eyes of your current and potential clients.
Think of McDonalds.
Do you instantly see the logo, think of the slogan, and hear the catchy jingle? That’s a strong brand image.
It works so well because it’s simple, precise and consistent!
But, consistency is what hinders most brands from making that lasting impression.
Now, it’s time for you to get ‘brand image sorted’. Let’s go back to basics!
First, you’ll need a memorable logo.
This is vital to your brand image.
Make sure it’s easy to remember and doesn’t too closely resemble anything well-known.
And, if your brand name is long, try to leave it out of the logo or change it to initials!
Next, you want a powerful message.
Every brand needs to establish its core values.
What is it that drives you, as an organization, to do what you do?
It can be as simple as you like!
You should imagine what you want your audience to think about when they encounter your brand.
Now, a consistent aesthetic is key!
80% of our mind’s responses are to what we see.
So, elements like the look and color of your brand are really important.
From a primary color pallet, choose five or six colors that suit your brand and match each other well.
Make sure one of these is a neutral, darker color that can be used for large bodies of text!
You’ll also want to select an easy-to-read font and stick to it.
Next, you need to decipher your tone of voice.
Once you’ve got the look, you need to decide how you want to engage with people.
Here’s a good place to start. If you could sum up your prospects in three adjectives, what would you say?
Professional, reliable and fun? Forward-thinking, market-leading and people-focused?
Use these three words to frame how your brand speaks.
Different channels will play a role in adapting this but aim to use aligning vocabulary as if all the words come from one person, not a huge team.
So, you can use these basics to help you develop a brand that you passionately love!
The more you love the brand, the easier it gets.
A solid brand image does more than just make you look good.
Without an identity, how can you be seen clearly above the noise?
Now that your brand image is sorted, it’s time to use our B2B marketing knowledge to give your brand that ultimate boost.
Firstly, kick-start your social media!
95% of adults aged 18-34 prefer to follow a brand’s movement via social media above any other medium.
And, the platform that holds the secret to brand image is Instagram.
You may already have an account, but are you using it in the right way?
Get on Instagram and start promoting how awesome you are, consistent with your brand message!
Next, does your website need a refresh?
Your website is literally the online hub of your brand.
If it’s not flying the brand flag, then it’s likely your marketing is struggling to remain on-brand too.
And, if your website is fairly on brand, don’t be afraid to shake things up!
This way, you’ll be excited about the message you’re sending.
Now it’s time to take things offline.
Direct mail shots, events and guerilla marketing can all be effective ways to get your brand noticed.
With a strong brand image in place, you can get really creative!
Put something in place that encourages people to ask questions so you can provide them with an answer.
Lead new prospects to your website and bring them back online to drive website traffic, too!
Finally, it’s time to give something back. And, make it free!
Make sure you’re creating high-quality content that promotes your important brand message and helps people learn how and why you can help them.
Giving away content for free shows audiences that while you’re a business, you also hold a genuine passion to help others.
This is a great addition to your brand, as well as creating some publicity for your product!
… So, there’s no doubt brand image is paramount to a successful organization.

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