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Google+ for Business

There’s always more you can do to increase your businesses visibility with social media networking and even if you’re already part of well-established social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, it’s important your business embraces new ones too, they could be the next big thing.

Google+ was always set to be successful because of who the owners are, but the growth has been phenomenal. Established in June 2011 they have 500m users already, the same as Twitter which has been going since 2006 and more than LinkedIn’s 200m members, which again has been running considerably longer, launching in 2003.

Benefits of creating a Google+ Business profile:

With benefits to SEO as well as social visibility, Google+ will be a popular destination for your customers and potential clients so it’s a great way to engage with your target audience. Average daily visits have reached 6.8m and it’s estimated that 61 of the top 100 brands in the US are on Google+ already.

Information shared on Google+ mostly consists of professional content as it’s geared for business audiences that appreciate opportunities to build direct and personal relationships. Google describe Google+ as a social layer, that it’s not just a single site but an overarching layer covering its many online properties.

The innovative approach Google+ takes provides a forum where businesses can engage with clients both via text and video with the introduction of video talk sessions they call Hangouts. These unique opportunities allow companies to start using webcams to interact with customers and find out what they like about your business and what needs improving. A much cheaper solution than market research which can cost tens of thousands of pounds a year and many businesses are also using Hangouts for webcasts. Google+ is paving the way for new techniques to interact on social media.

And as it’s Google, there are bound to be more products and developments in the pipeline, so it will evolve into something bigger and better as time goes on. The potential impact Google+ could have on search engine page results alone is reason enough to get involved and create more visibility for your business for free.

And if you’d like to hear about how Lead Forensics software can help measure this and all your social media activity, increasing your online return on investment feel free to get in touch. Check out our Lead Forensics Google+ page.

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