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Examples of great demand generation ideas in action

For your business to thrive, the right people need to know about it. Where lead generation aims to gain contact details and capture leads, demand generation focuses on creating brand awareness, building a strong reputation and developing an online presence. If you do not already have a demand generation strategy in place, it is crucial to develop a robust plan to help get you noticed. From a high-quality social media presence to enhanced customer experience, ensuring you put your target audience at the core of your strategy matters. Let’s explore some of the brands that are doing it right — and reaping the rewards of loyal customers, great reputation and all the right kinds of attention.

Nike — personalized email campaigns

With such an established reputation behind it, sportswear leader Nike hardly needs to create demand for its leading brand. But, it uses demand generation marketing tactics, like email marketing, to keep its reputation sky-high and build personal relationships with engaged customers. When signing up to Nike’s email newsletter, potential customers are asked to share some data about themselves so content can be personalized for increased relevance. According to Oberlo, emails with personalized subject lines generate 50% higher open rates. Nike sends emails showcasing products, highlighting partnerships, and presenting promotions for regular and one-off occasions. Recipients are then asked if they wish to become a Nike+ member, which provides a more exclusive experience. Remember, don’t just focus on acquisition — create a hub of loyal and engaged customers.

Buffer — guest blogging for success

According to HubSpot, 53% of marketers say blogging is their top content priority. And, when we discover just how much success it brings, it is clear why it is one of the most popular demand generation tactics. According to Leo Widrich, co-founder of BufferApp, the social media scheduling tool acquired 100,000 customers in just nine months through guest blogging alone. So, design a blogging strategy with success in mind. Reach out to like-minded businesses, provide insightful and engaging long-read blog content, positioning your business as a thought-leader and link back to your own site for the ultimate brand exposure. And, apply the same level of creativity to your on-site blog, too. Write with your audience in mind and focus on shareability and educational insight.

Go Pro — visual content marketing

According to CMI, 63% of B2B marketers do not have a documented content marketing strategy. When it comes to content marketing, B2B organizations often find themselves writing about what they do, talking about their products and, in turn, ignoring what matters most to their audience. Those who work in the technology sector can learn a thing or two from GoPro — the innovative brand that produces the world’s most versatile cameras. Go Pro maximizes on user-generated content, sharing the best videos created by its dedicated customers. Thanks to a #GoPro hashtag, content is collated together, and the Go Pro site provides instructions on how to upload and share videos. Remember, demand generation isn’t about selling. Share experiences, tips, and aim to acquire user-generated content for the ultimate 5* review.

Missguided — social media for the ultimate demand

MarketingSherpa found that adults aged 18-24 are most likely to follow a brand on social media. Online clothing retailer Missguided is a prime example of a brand truly understanding its audience. And, in turn, utilizing social media marketing to remain at the forefront of their minds. Missguided owns the influencer marketing world — pairing with big-name online influencers and sponsoring hit reality TV show Love Island. This saw the brand provide clothing for contestants, then use social to promote the outfits to millions of engaged followers. The brand uses a multiplatform approach — sharing light-hearted Instagram stories, product-focused grid posts, comical and audience-appropriate Twitter content, as well as making the most of video marketing on Facebook. Take a leaf out of the retailer’s book and develop a social media demand generation campaign that turns heads. Find out what your B2B buyers are interested in seeing and sharing, and cater to them specifically. Develop partnerships with influencers that share similar audiences with you and reap the rewards of advocacy and increased awareness. Be creative and clearly outline your goals before starting.

Lush — when customer experience goes company-wide

Gartner discovered that 80% of brands expect to compete mainly on customer experience. It is now more crucial than ever to put your customers at the heart of everything you do. And, that is exactly what cosmetic retailer Lush has done. In fact, according to PSFK, the brand has a strategy in place to align its HQ with its salespeople through education and communication. And, earlier this year, the brand deactivated its social channels — urging consumers to reach out via webchat, phone or email, aiming to put communication back in the hands of the customer. B2B organizations, take note! By prioritizing customer experience at every stage of your pipeline, you will ensure your customer’s buyer journey is consistent, easy and enjoyable. This will skyrocket your reputation and encourage customers to convert.
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